Gunilla of Sweden®
Our Philosophy & Mission

who we are



Our founder, Gunilla Ross, emigrated to the US from Sweden and was not content with the lack of quality plant-based skincare available in the early 1970s. She saw an opportunity to make a difference and embarked on a journey to develop plant-based skincare that would cater to everyone’s skin type. In 1987, Gunilla of Sweden® was born, and it continues to inspire us all to strive for excellence and make a positive impact in the world.

We use high-performing plant-based ingredients as the foundation for all our products. Only then do we add clinically proven actives like peptides, AHA, ceramides, etc, to take our formulas to the next level. With Gunilla’s products, you can trust that you’re getting the best of both worlds: powerful natural ingredients and advanced science-backed actives.


what we stand for



Throughout Gunilla’s 60-year career, Gunilla has worked hands-on with thousands of product formulations. From those years of experience came a straightforward conclusion: that skincare must be naturally therapeutic, plant-based, loaded with antioxidants, not based on water that dries out the skin and is void of nutrients. You won’t have to choose between high-performance botanicals, clinically proven ingredients, and affordability because GUNILLA® for Daily & Anti Aging Skincare & LEROSETT® for Problem Skin and Acne, we have it all.

what we believe in



For the first 20 years, Gunilla of Sweden®’s products was exclusively available to physicians, licensed professionals, and medical spas. Today we offer our professional-grade, plant-based skincare that is over 98% organic & natural with a sophisticated yet straightforward approach to restoring, renewing, hydrating, exfoliating, cleansing & toning your skin.

We recognize that clear, youthful-looking skin is vital for a healthier, more content life.