Gunilla of Sweden®
Our Philosophy & Mission

who we are



Our founder, Gunilla Ross, an esthetician from Sweden, became a licensed skincare instructor in 1962. After moving to America, she found a glaring absence of the quality botanical products she preferred. To fulfill this need, in 1987 she started her own company to develop botanical formulas made with the highest number of innovative and cherished ingredients captured at their peak for maximum potency.

what we stand for



Throughout her 55 year career, Gunilla has worked hands-on with all types of skin conditions and has seen the results of thousands of product formulations. From this came one conclusion: that skincare should be therapeutic, healing, and nutrient-based, not based on oil or water void of nutrients and therapeutic qualities. You won’t have to choose between the quality of high performing botanicals and affordability, because Gunilla of Sweden® has it all.

what we believe in



Our commitment to ingredient quality and efficacy brings out the most potential from the skin for outstanding long-term results. For the first 20 years, Gunilla of Sweden® products were available to physicians, licensed professionals, and medical spas exclusively. Today, we offer you the same sophisticated yet straightforward professional botanical skincare to feed, heal, and renew the skin. Why? Because we recognize that clearer, youthful, and more beautiful skin is vital for a healthier, more content life.