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Why Gunilla?

The choice of over 5,000 dermatologists and skincare professionals since 1987

Clinical Grade Ingredients within a Base of Nutrient-Infused Organic Aloe




The secret is in the

Swedish beauty is based on simplicity and the care of mind, body, and skin. Derived from nature, botanical ingredients are packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Combined with today’s scientific advances, they are efficient at giving your skin what it needs to help function properly and minimize environmental damage.

Never oil based: We do not use oils as main ingredients. In many cases, certain oils can be beneficial to the skin. However, in cases of acne and problem skin, we found oil based products do not yield the same results as our oil-free, aloe or 100% organic clay based LEROSETT® acne products.


Never Water Based: Products based on water have limitations because water is not absorbed by the skin. Our nutrient-infused greenhouse grown organic aloe because it contains the substance lignin has the ability to penetrate tissue helping the skin to heal and rejuvenate naturally.

49+ Botanical Skin Care


Help to restore your skin’s radiance and achieve clear skin with powerful natural extracts, sourced from around the world with up to 49 nutrient-rich active botanicals. Ingredients like Siberian Ginseng, Nettle, Pomegranate, and Marigold can stimulate cellular turnover, boost elasticity, repair the skin’s moisture barrier, smooth, brighten and clear skin while protecting against free-radical damage.


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Nutrient-Infused Aloe Has a Multitude of Benefits Over Water

The chosen active ingredients in any skincare product are very important and dictate the purpose. The base used to effectively deliver those nutrients into the skin is just as vital. Aloe contains a substance called lignin that has amazing penetrative properties, making it an excellent carrier to both nourish and create hydration deep within the skin. Clinical research shows aloe to contain over 200 nutritional substances, including 20 amino acids, 18 vitamins and minerals and 8 enzymes which work to penetrate tissue and assist in wound healing.

Water Only Hydrates the Skin When You Drink It

Water is the number one choice for the base ingredient of almost all many skin care manufacturers because it is both a good medium, mixing several ingredients together, as well as cost effective. However, it is not the most effective choice to obtain the desired results. Water is great for hydration when you drink it. However, the skin is not able to absorb water from the outside in. In fact, when applied to the surface of the skin, water can have the opposite effect, actually causing dehydration through evaporation.

The LEROSETT® Method for Clear Skin

The LEROSETT® method for clear skin is based on our acclaimed 100% organic ionic clay and our nutrient-infused greenhouse-grown organic aloe. LEROSETT® products target acne, oily-skin and breakouts at the root without the harsh chemicals and side effects common with acne brands. LEROSETT® products help to calm, clear, balance, and aid in healing acne and problem skin through our organic clay and botanical content preferred by thousands of acne experts for decades. Click for expert testimonials.


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GUNILLA™ Redefine | Rejuvenate | Renew

Gentle enough for sensitive skin, our GUNILLA™ products deliver clinical ingredients within our nutrient-rich greenhouse-grown organic aloe base. With luxurious textures, they work to preserve the natural pH balance, firm, hydrate and increase collagen production to help to regenerate the skin.

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LEROSETT® Results and Reviews

Brittany B.

I would recommend anyone suffering with acne to try these products. It is better for the skin and body to use natural products, and Gunilla offers great customer service. They really care about their clients.

Destiny B.

Destiny used the LEROSETT® Botanical Acne Kit. As with teens, consistency of use can be difficult. If you skip a day of treatment during the clearing phase, it can set you back a week. Being consistent is key. If dead skin cells are not removed from the pore, pimples will get through in the next pimple cycle. Everyday use is critical to prevent pores from becoming clogged and becoming a new pimple.

David C.

"Other products I have used caused my face to become extremely dry and in turn, it would cause my skin to flake and peel. With Gunilla of Sweden, I have yet to experience this. My face never feels excessively dry and it never flakes or peels. One positive influence Gunilla of Sweden has made on my life is that I am more confident about my skin."

David M.

The treatments have really improved my skin texture. I can see so many positive changes since using Lerosett for acne! My skin is now softer and smoother, and less oily without it being dry. Thank you so much for helping me out with my outbreaks.

Eliza B.

"I love that Gunilla of Sweden is organic and no harsh products were used on my face! The LEROSETT® line of products actually worked to clear my skin from deep within my pores. Gunilla of Sweden has positively changed so many things in my life. I’m no longer experiencing painful cysts. I have products that aren’t harsh on my skin. Products that I can trust and know that they work for me. I have a routine that I can count on to clear up my skin. I would absolutely recommend Gunilla of Sweden products to people who suffer from cystic acne! Gunilla of Sweden provides you with a supportive team of estheticians who work with you to figure out a regimen that works best for you."

Garrett A.

With a busy schedule including many hours in the pool, Garrett was still able to commit to the recommended daily regimen and get clear skin. "Using LEROSETT® was the first time I was given a regimen to follow. Gunilla of Sweden has changed the way that I look at myself. The difference in the amount and severity of acne is insane and I couldn't appreciate it more!"

*Individual results may vary per patient and skin condition

ABC: Active Botanical Content

When the first ingredient in a skincare product is water then the majority of the ingredients is water and it becomes very difficult to claim that it’s a genuine botanical product. Gunilla of Sweden® uses ABC content, Active Botanical Content™ percentages. Each product we make has its ABC percentage shown.