Why are thousands of dermatologists & acne specialists using Professional Grade Organic LEROSETT® to help clear Acne
–for over 30 years?


Organic Acne Care

Dead skin cells, excess oil, and debris stuck in pores causes pimples

|| LEROSETT® is a micronized proprietary organic clay that

|| can get deep enough into the pore to clear the clog

|| Zinc in the clay helps reduce oil production and stop the

|| irritating cycle from restarting

|| Oil-free aloe based moisturizer hydrates and nourishes

|| skin to help your natural repair cycle

“It’s not only acne drugs that fail to clear your skin — it’s the total lack of nutrients needed for skin to heal and clear pimples. 100% organic LEROSETT® has the level of nutrients your skin needs to heal and stay clear long-term — without damaging your skin.”

— Dr. Adriana Rascanu, Wound Care Specialist

Professional Grade Acne Products
are the choice of Acne Experts
the results below speak for themselves

100% Organic Spot Treatment & Clearing Mask
with Botanical Clear Skin Moisturizer

LEROSETT® naturally contains high concentrations of critical
nutrients necessary for treating acne & problem skin
— Favorite Acne Mask from Dermascope Magazine 2016 ACA Awards

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LEROSETT® Users Ecstatic with

Results from Organic LEROSETT®

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Dr. Elizabeth Stratte

“LEROSETT® stands strong amongst our array of medical grade products. When clients walk in the door for a customized product consultation with the concerns of inflamed, hormonal or cystic acne. LEROSETT® is always suggested in their personalized acne skincare line up”.
*results may vary

Dr. Alexis Dougherty

"The LEROSETT® clay-mask is an ideal product for woman with large inflammatory nodules along the jawline that occur monthly with periods. It allows them to spot treat their problem sites without having to take a pill to control their breakouts. It also prevents post-inflammatory pigment and scarring by addressing the inflammation early. This is a must-have product for any woman suffering from hormonal acne."
*results may vary

Dr. Iman Bar

"I am the Medical Director for Teen Med Spa in Newport Beach California. I have been using LEROSETT® for my acne patients for several years and I love the results. My patients come back again to ask for it and we have great outcomes and control for mild and moderate acne. For an organic product it comes with a great affordable price for my teens. "
*results may vary

Dr. Adriana Rascanu

"LEROSETT® does with 2 products what otherstry to do with 4. The difference is the best combination of the best quality ingredients for this natural approach that doesn’t do more harm to the skin in order to clear it and keep it clear." *results may vary

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Organic Acne Treatment

Since acne products are made mostly of water, they’re effectively non-therapeutic. Conversely, LEROSETT® products are based on organic aloe and proprietary clay; they’re therapeutic by their very nature.

experience the organic difference

Heal & Clear, Naturally

Our #1 Selling 5-Star Rated LEROSETT® 2-Step Organic Clear Skin Duo combines:
our top rated, 100% organic aloe based, oil-free Moisture Matte Clear Skin Moisturizer — to help heal and hydrate problem skin.
Plus our acclaimed LEROSETT® Spot Treatment and Clearing Mask — dermatologist recommended for over 30 years.  (The Original LEROSETT® Clay Treatment Made in Sweden — 100% organic with no additives)

Click here-How LEROSETT® The Swedish Acne Method Works

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How Our
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What You Get

Our #1 Selling 5-Star Rated LEROSETT® Organic Clear Skin Duo – Retail $59.95

+ LEROSETT® Spot Treatment & Clearing Mask – micronized & heat treated to help clear skin long-term by removing toxins and impurities
+ LEROSETT® Moisture Matte Clear Skin Moisturizer – oil-free & therapeutic to aid in healing

What You Pay

NOTHING! Both LEROSETT® products are free gifts!

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