Product Overview

Product Overview

ÄKTA® Herbal Toner for Oily/Combination Skin removes traces of debris, flaking and dead skin cells. This refreshing toner will add natural, oil-free moisture to your skin by infusing it with our exclusive hydro-organic botanicals.

GREAT FOR MAKE-UP REMOVAL – CLEANSE – DETOXIFY SKIN- RESTORE NATURAL pH BALANCE. Our Alcohol-Free Toners will last over 3 years in room temperature.



  • Removes traces of debris while infusing botanical nutrients into the skin
  • Helps refine and tighten pores while working to prevent the formation of blemishes
  • Based on our rare, 100% organic, greenhouse-grown super aloe
  • Average estimated 6-8 week supply
  • 65% Active Botanical Content
ÄKTA® Herbal Balancing Toner (Oily) | Discontinued Bottle
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ÄKTA® Herbal Balancing Toner (Oily) | Discontinued Bottle

Product size: 6.7 oz

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