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LEROSETT® 100% Organic Spot Treatment and Clearing Mask has been a favorite skin care treatment for over 30 years. Our proprietary clay in our professional size is perfect for families, as it offers a variety of uses. Referred by thousands of dermatologists and skin care professionals for everything from helping to clear the skin to helping heal minor skin irritations. A must-have for any first-aid kit!  [Ler-o-sett]


Why LEROSETT® Clay is Different

LEROSETT® is NOT a regular clay.  LEROSETT® is a proprietarily heat-treated and micronized zinc rich ionic clay of fine particles that go deep into the pore.

LEROSETT® is literally magnetic.  It attaches itself to dead skin cells, even those on the follicle wall where most clogs come from. As LEROSETT® dries it expands and attracts foreign substances that are absorbed and fills in the spaces between the molecules' layers. LEROSETT® will naturally absorb positively charged impurities and ignore negatively charged nutrients.  High zinc levels and other healing minerals, such as magnesium and potassium, can minimize oil production and increase healing. May result in clear, healthy skin, naturally.



  • LEROSETT® is a proprietarily heat-treated and micronized, pure mineral-rich ionic clay of extremely fine particles. Large particles like sand and other impurities are removed.
  • 100% organic, oil-free, noncomedogenic, non-allergenic with no added chemicals, sulfates, phthalates, synthetic dye, benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid or sulfur.
  • Made in Sweden
  • Aids in the treatment of a multitude of skin issues

100% Organic Made in Sweden Since 1987

Prevents Breakouts

LEROSETT® Organic Clay Spot Treatment and Clearing Mask consists of tiny, micronized particles, allowing it to travel deeper into follicles, absorbing oil and debris.  It can help pimples to heal faster than water-based, topical acne products. Moreover, unlike other clays, our LEROSETT® Organic Clay Spot Treatment and Clearing Mask has had nearly all the sand removed, so what all that is left is the healing treatment minerals! 

LEROSETT® can significantly reduce pimple life-cycles, helping to prevent breakouts, reduce pore size, clear, detoxify skin, and remove impurities. You can literally feel LEROSETT® clearing your skin the very first time you use it.


For more science and details click: Our Famous Lerosett® Clay

Great for Active Families

In preparing for outdoor activities, most families know that first-aid comes with the territory.  Our famous LEROSETT® Organic Clay is perfect for rashes, bug and tick bites.  With its strong pulling action, it literally draws irritants out, helping to ease itching and helping to ward off infections. If you have young children, you have to have LEROSETT® Organic Clay Spot Treatment and Clearing Mask!

10 Amazing Ways LEROSETT® Helps Your Skin*

  1. Clears blemishes from face and body
  2. Fights Ingrown Hairs
  3. Tighten Pores
  4. Improve Clarity and Texture
  5. Sooth Razor Burn
  6. Pre/Post Waxing
  7. Fights Oily Scalp
  8. Relieves Bug Bites
  9. Sooth Multiple Rashes
  10. Helps multiple skin conditions

How To Use

Step 1

Facial Mask Method: Apply LEROSETT® 100% Organic Spot Treatment and Clearing Mask in a very light, translucent layer.  Gently rub the clay into the skin. Allow the mask to penetrate for 10-15 minutes then remove with tepid water.

Step 2

Spot Treatment: Do not rub the clay in for spot treatment.  Apply over pimple.  Let it absorb and infuse as it dries,  To stop a pimple from forming, spot treat early and often. Use after extracting a pimple to close the opening and prevent scarring.  For spot treating, apply several times per day, or overnight.   

Step 3

Skin Irritations: When using  LEROSETT® 100% Organic Spot Treatment and Clearing Mask to aid in the treatment of skin irritations, apply a generous amount and cover with a bandage. Clean and repeat as often as needed. 

Step 4

After every mask, apply an oil-free, aloe-based moisturizer like the LEROSETT® Moisture Matte Clear Skin Moisturizer.

Primary Ingredients

Botanical Ingredients

Propriety Rasul Clay

Proprietary blend

Heat-treated + micronized ionic clay

Rich in minerals like zinc

Cuts oil production and heals skin

Absorbs excess dirt & oil in the pore

Does not contain high sand levels compared to other clays


LEROSETT® Spot Treatment & Clearing Mask | Pro Size

Product size: 8 oz

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