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100% Organic LEROSETT® fights the two leading causes of a pimple at the same time: the clog that backs up the oil in the pore and the amount of oil produced within the pore. LEROSETT® helps clear pimples, future breakouts, aids in healing and minimizes redness and swelling.  Our clay is a preferred choice for thousands of dermatologists, and acne experts at top spas for over 30 years. [Ler-o-sett]

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  • Our award winning Clay Treatment is an effective spot treatment and facial mask that can be used overnight, as needed and is hypoallergenic. It can be as useful tool to fight multiple skin conditions
  • LEROSETT® helps clear pimples, ingrown hairs, tightens pores, detoxifies, cuts oil production, improves skin clarity & texture. Helps minimize inflammation, redness, infection and minimizes scarring.
  • Our mask contains naturally high levels of zinc to minimizes oil production and boost proteins that can help heal & protect against infection. Only a 1-millimeter thick layer is needed, dries in minutes absorbing impurities, oils and pimple-causing clogs that help prevent future breakouts.
  • Made in Sweden Since 1987
  • Suitable for all skin types
LEROSETT® Spot Treatment Clearing Mask

100% Organic Made in Sweden Since 1987


LEROSETT® is a thin clay; you lightly rub it into the skin about 1-millimeter thick. As LEROSETT® dries, it quickly expands and attracts dead skin cells and impurities between the particle layers of the clay. LEROSETT® absorbs the positively charged impurities, the dead skin cells, and oils that cause a pimple.

Naturally high levels of zinc in LEROSETT® then help boost natural proteins that protect against infection and minimize the oil production that started a pimple in the first place, all without added chemicals.

For detailed information click here: LEROSETT® Clay


10 Amazing Uses for LEROSETT®

  1. Detoxifies Impurities
  2. Fights Ingrown Hairs
  3. Tighten Pores
  4. Improve Clarity and Texture
  5. Sooth Razor Burn
  6. Pre/Post Waxing
  7. Helps Heal Skin
  8. Relieves Bug Bites
  9. Sooth Multiple Rashes
  10. Great as a Face Wash

How To Use

Step 1

Facial Mask Method: Apply LEROSETT® 100% Organic Spot Treatment and Clearing Mask in a very light, translucent layer.  Gently rub the clay into the skin. Allow the mask to penetrate for 10-15 minutes then remove with tepid water.

Step 2

Spot Treatment: Do not rub the clay in for spot treatment.  Apply over pimple.  Let it absorb and infuse as it dries,  To stop a pimple from forming, spot treat early and often. Use after extracting a pimple to close the opening and prevent scarring.  For spot treating, apply several times per day, or overnight.   

Step 3

After every mask, apply an oil-free, aloe-based moisturizer like the LEROSETT® Moisture Matte Clear Skin Moisturizer.

Primary Ingredients

Botanical Ingredients

LEROSETT® Proprietary Clay

100% organic rasul clay (Proprietarily treated for absorption)

Micronized for ultra-fine particles (deeper pore penetration)

Naturally high ionic charge (Static charge adheres clay to skin impurities like a magnet)

Naturally high zinc levels (Helps heal and reduce oil production)

No added chemicals or other ingredients (So that only skin impurities can attach to clay particles)

Up to 99% less sand and impurities than dry or wet clays (Only 3oz for 30 Masks)

LEROSETT® Spot Treatment & Clearing Mask | 4 pack

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LEROSETT® Spot Treatment & Clearing Mask:  Proprietarily Treated, 100% Organic and Micronized Rasul Clay and Distilled water. Contains no dyes, synthetic or chemical additives.


Why does LEROSETT® have no aloe or added botanicals?

LEROSETT® Clay particles are naturally ionic (static charge absorption). When activated by water, they act as a (- charged) a magnet to pull (+ charged) pimple-causing impurities (like oil, and dead skin cells) and toxins onto the clay particle and out of your skin.LEROSETT® Clay can absorb more of the impurities in your skin because there are zero impurities in the clay itself. Aloe, botanicals, or other chemicals (if included in LEROSETT®) would then coat the clay particles in the tube before the clay has a chance to bond and remove the impurities from your skin. That is why you can feel LEROSETT® working with only a 1-millimeter thin layer.