Gunilla of Sweden®

Same Great Botanically Based Formulas

All-New Design

Some new future products will keep the name ÄKTA®


After 30 years of creating botanically based skincare for professionals, building a company of integrity and value, Gunilla of Sweden® makers of ÄKTA® skincare have decided to update our brand.  We are so excited to start introducing our newly redesigned and repackaged products to our customers!   Some of our products have been renamed. However, our great formulations remain the same.


ÄKTA® Skincare

has a new brand name

GUNILLA® Skincare

Same great formulas with some luxurious upgrades



GUNILLA® Herbal Face Wash (formerly ÄKTA® Herbal Face Wash- Our exclusive botanically-based Swedish formula is a gentle daily cleanser that works to thoroughly removes oil and debris, to cleanse while it purifies and helps preserve the skin’s natural moisture and pH balance. Loaded with 13 all-natural herbal extracts and based on our rare, 100% organic, greenhouse-grown nutrient-rich aloe, your skin will feel cleansed, nourished and hydrated

You will notice the difference when using an organic aloe-based face wash instead of the usual water-based cleansers. It is not- greasy, yet deeply moisturizing with a wonderful aroma!