Staying Safe at Home – The Best Thing for Your Skin

Doing What’s Right

Amid these uncertain times, we all are adapting to new circumstances. Staying at home, avoiding close proximity to others, and other safety measures have changed our lives in so many aspects. But a silver lining through all of this: social distancing can be great for your skin!

• you don’t have to wear makeup
• if you have acne, you can wear clay masks more often and clear your skin faster
• less sun exposure = less damage to heal
• time at home means time to try products and determine what’s best for you

Through it all, we’re here for you. Our operations have implemented every safety measure possible to keep our staff, families, and customers safe. So when you contact us for skin care advice, our goal is the health of your skin.

Self-care is a critical part of staying safe & healthy while at home–
so remember to take some time to treat your skin!



$6.95 (45 treatments)

Clear pimples overnight & remove impurities for clearer skin. Perfect on the go size! NO ADDITIVES

Clay Spot Treatment & Clearing Mask | 20mL


$26.95 (200 treatments)

So long breakouts & oily skin! Clear pimples overnight & remove impurities for clearer skin. NO ADDITIVES

Spot Treatment & Clearing Mask



Deep Skin Ceramide Moisturizer

Enjoy all day hydration & super soft skin from ceramide lipids + 15 botanicals in our unique aloe vera



Advanced anti-aging repair serum rich in natural antioxidants, collagen, elastin & revitalin

Cell Rejuvenator Active Firming Serum


$26.95 $19.95

Maximum strength healing with 2% Natural Salicylic Acid in our unique aloe vera gently clears complexions

Botanical Acne Cleanser


$133.95 $87

All-in-one daily regimen for beautiful skin + deep moisturizing

Organic Skin Care Kit


$56.85 $36.96

Fight breakouts with this perfect pairing for clearing skin to health

Clay Mask + Matte Moisturizer Duo


$79.95 $69.95

Get our Original Swedish Clay in the LIMITED RELEASE Classic 10 oz Jar while supplies last!

Clay Spot Treatment & Clearing Mask
10 oz Classic Jar



Heal & replenish your skin with this rich oil-free, aloe vera hydrator

Moisture Matte Clear Skin Moisturizer | Face & Body


$86.95 $58.69

Spot treat, deep cleanse & moisturize to clear acne breakouts (naturally medicated face wash)

Organic Acne Kit | 3 Part

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