A third-party double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical research trial for LEROSETT® Spot Treatment & Clearing Clay Mask, a.k .a. LEROSETT® Clay Treatment, was performed using the minimum recommended number of applications to test product efficacy.

Conclusion: After using the minimum recommended amount—one facial mask daily for one week, then three facial masks per week for five weeks—all participants in this clinical trial using the LEROSETT® achieved clearer, much clearer, and totally clear skin. 

In contrast, 90% of placebo users were unchanged or had worse skin.  

Recommended Applications: Depending on skin condition, apply one to two LEROSETT® Clay Masks daily until your skin starts to clear, including daily and nightly pimple spot treatments, as needed to stop new pimples fast. After every clay mask, always apply the aloe-based oil-free LEROSETT® Moisture Matte™ or Healing Serum to rehydrate and speed healing. 


To maintain clear skin, use two to three facial masks per week and spot-treat any breakthrough pimples when needed.