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Outside of this website or our Amazon Store, Gunilla of Sweden® products are only sold through top skincare & acne specialists who are qualified, licensed estheticians, dermatologists, or skincare professionals at salons, spas, and medical clinics.

Gunilla of Sweden® products should not be purchased from e-Bay; these products are usually expired, opened, or returned, no longer new.

Counterfeit LEROSETT® & GUNILLA® products are on the market and will not feel right, seem off, or watery. Products that are expired, re-sold or open products are being sold on sites on Google or Bing by fake re-sellers. We can only guarantee Gunilla of Sweden® products from authorized resellers listed above, from this website, or the Gunilla of Sweden® store on Amazon. If a reseller is not listed here, they are not buying LEROSETT® or GUNILLA® products from Gunilla of Sweden®, the manufacturer and only official supplier.