Scarring & Hyper-Pigmentation

Bright &
Brilliant Skin

Treat Scarring, Hyperpigmentation & Congested Skin with our Natural Alpha Hydroxy, Healing Serums, and Spot Treatment and Clearing Mask with LEROSETT® & GUNILLA®.

Smooth Congested Skin, Minimize Scarring & Hyperpigmentation

Inflammation from acne, trauma, and the environment can deeply damage our skin, creating both raised scars and pigmentation issues. Our GUNILLA® Brighten & Renew Cream helps to break down dead skin cells and even out skin tone to help reduce the appearance of imperfections. Spot treat a pimple after extraction with LEROSETT® Spot treatment and Clearing Mask to help close the opening after a pimple extraction, minimizing the chance of scarring, use the mask for congested skin.

Gunilla of Sweden® products contains the natural alpha-hydroxy acids, collagen your skin needs for smoother skin. Plus the amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals are vital in helping to create a flawless complexion.