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Sensitive Skin

Pioneering plant-based small-batch skincare since 1987, GUNILLA® & LEROSETT® is sensitive skin care.

Skin sensitivities have increased due to a genetic predisposition toward fragile, dry skin, ingredients that cause skin sensitivities, and environmental damage. Both GUNILLA® for anti-aging & LEROSETT® for problem skin are based on antioxidants, clinically proven effective, and formulated using hundreds of high-performance ingredients like adaptogenic botanicals with 60% hydro-organic aloe vera to hydrate, heal, calm, and soothe sensitive skin without common additives like perfumes. Vegan. 98% Natural. Choice of Many Top Spas. Formulated in Sweden, Made in Sweden & the USA Since 1987.



Recommended for sensitive skin

GUNILLA® Organic Skincare Kit-Over 40 Clinically-Proven & Active Botanical Ingredients for Normal/Dry/Sensitive Skin

The soothing and hydrating formulas in this Four-Part Organic Skincare Kit & daily skincare routine synergize to soothe, firm, lift, plump & deep cleanse for dry, normal & sensitive skin.

Soft and supple skin in Minutes! 

#1- Cleanse, soothe, and restore pH balance with the Herbal Cream Face Wash with 15 oil-free active botanicals.

#2- Tighten pores without over-drying skin with the Herbal Balancing pH Toner, refining the complexion for hydrated skin & natural pH balance.

#3- Boost your moisture barrier and protect against environmental damage with the 24-hour Ceramide Cream A17™ with 17 active & botanical ingredients.

#4- Banish puffiness, fine lines & wrinkles with the peptide-rich Eye-de-puff A23™ eye cream with 23 active & botanical ingredients.

Beautiful Natural Botanical Aromas. Ultra-Creamy & Non-greasy. No Parabens, SLS, Sulfate, Artificial Fragrance, EU Allergen-Free, Minimal Ingredients