Sensitive Skin

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Genetic predisposition towards fragile, thin skin, along with environmental assaults are creating more skin sensitivities than ever. Professional Skincare by Gunilla of Sweden® is Based on Over 65% Active Botanical Content That Soothes Sensitive Skin.

All GUNILLA® & LEROSETT® Products Can Be Used for Sensitive Skin

We create sophisticated yet straightforward botanical skincare to feed, heal, moisturize, slow aging to a crawl, and renew the skin. We use up to 49 active herbal ingredients captured at their peak for maximum potency, to soothe and nourish dry, reactive, sensitive skin. They are expertly formulated with the ingredient quality to bring out the most potential from your skin for outstanding long-term results while maintaining affordability. We also created duos, product couples that are even more effective when used in combination for sensitive skin. Our products are based on healing ingredients, along with our rare, hand-planted and nutrient-infused greenhouse aloe, are not only gentle enough to use every day but also help fortify the integrity of delicate skin.

Recommended for sensitive skin


GUNILLA® Botanical Skin Care Kit-65% Organic Aloe + 25 Active Herbal Extracts for Normal to Sensitive

This daily kit combines all you need for daily skincare with dry, or sensitive skin. Includes our aloe-based GUNILLA® Herbal Face Wash, Herbal Toner, Deep Skin Moisturizer with Ceramides, and Eye-de-puff™ Cream to cleanse, tone, and help lock in moisture to combat against environmental aggravators. Loaded with over 25 active botanicals, with ceramides, collagen, alpha-lipoic-acid, elastin, revitalin, Vit K, A, E, B, and C with multiple minerals, helps to strengthen and improve your skins elastically. The perfect daily system for those with sensitive skin, dry skin, fine lines, wrinkles, or mature skin. For dry, normal and sensitive skin.