Puffy Eyes
Dark Circles
Fine Lines

Reduce Under Eye Puffiness, Fine Lines & Discoloration

Eye-de-puff A23™ Anti-Aging, Hydrating & Depuffing Eye Cream with 23 High-Performance Ingredients

Bright eyes captivate! GUNILLA® eye care products, including our clinically-proven serums and acclaimed Eye-de-puff A23™, with over 70% adaptogenic botanicals that stimulate and nourish the under-eye area, reducing fine lines, puffiness, and visible signs of aging.

Eye-de-puff A23™ has 23 high-performance & clinically proven ingredients. From hexapeptide 8 & 3, aka Argireline® or “Botox in a jar,” Alpha-Lipoic Acid fights free radicals, fine lines & wrinkles. In contrast, Tocopheryl Acetate Vitamin E fights free radical damage & inflammation. Additionally, 5% Panax Ginseng visibly helps energize, smooth, and rejuvenate. This is to name a few of the depuffing and anti-aging ingredients in Eye-de-puff A23™, Cell Rejuvenator Serum™, Hyaluronic Acid & Gensing Serum & 10% Glycolic Acid Serum.