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Botanically Based & 100% Organic Clay Treatments for Acne & Problem Skin-No benzoyl peroxide. With the choice of medicated or non-medicated products.

LEROSETT® for Professional Results You Need Professional Acne Products

Treat your skin to more than water & chemicals

LEROSETT® products such as our proprietary formulated 100% organic LEROSETT® Spot Treatment & Clearing Mask (Clay Treatment). Botanically based acne cleanser, toners, and oil-free moisturizers and healing serums help to restore wellness to the skin by working to clarify and nourish the deep layers within. LEROSETT® products are nutrient based containing the amino acids, antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins your skin needs to help prevent damage from acne and problem skin. LEROSETT® is a botanically based and more natural-healing approach to treating acne without the harsh chemicals.


The LEROSETT® Difference: Since most acne products contain mostly water they’re effectively non-therapeutic. Conversely, LEROSETT® products are based on greenhouse organic aloe and our proprietary, chemical-free, detoxifying clay; they’re therapeutic by their very nature. LEROSETT® products are oil-free, absorb impurities, infuse healing minerals, moisturize, and help prevent breakouts long-term.

Results and Reviews from LEROSETT® Users

Emily W.

"I had gotten used to living with acne, everything I used did nothing and the dermatologist only had antibiotics. I found Lerosett and they helped me with a clinical trial. I used the acne kit and a lot of clay masks. I could not believe my skin was clearing and looking better. I couldn’t understand either, what Lerosett? It has to be that its healing plant-based products and organic clay that cleared my skin."

Kate K.

"I suffered with acne for three years. It started out with small outbreaks, then became cystic acne. Gunilla of Sweden products worked well and did not harm my skin like other products I have tried. The products have been great, and the support we received has been amazing. Gunilla of Sweden products have made a positive influence on my life because they gave me clearer and fresh feeling skin. I can go in public without makeup! I would recommend these products to others who suffer from acne!"

David M.

The treatments have really improved my skin texture. I can see so many positive changes since using Lerosett for acne! My skin is now softer and smoother, and less oily without it being dry. Thank you so much for helping me out with my outbreaks.

Dielma G

"Like everyone else, I tried everything on TV until I learned they were all the same. I didn't know that you needed to change how much product you use as your skin clears, regardless of what product and no one told me that. That's why I love LEROSETT® because you can adjust how much you use, like a lot more during the clearing stage and a few times a week once your clear. You don't have to use the same product every day to stay clear as you did to get clear and that makes a lot of sense to me. I will use nothing else."

Eliza B.

"I love that Lerosett is organic and no harsh products on my face! The LEROSETT® line of products worked to clear my skin from deep within my pores. I’m no longer experiencing painful cysts. I have a routine that I can count on to clear up my skin. I would recommend Lerosett products to people who suffer acne! Team Gunilla provides you with a supportive team of estheticians who work with you to figure out a regimen that works best for you."

*Individual results may vary per skin condition-Click Image to Zoom
Power Duos

Save 30% off the combined retail when choosing Duos. LEROSETT® Duos help fight & minimize the side effects of acne. These specifically paired products are their most effective when used together! Duos are perfect for those wanting to use only a few products in their daily regimen or for those needing a boost to their skin care treatment.
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Power Clear + Matte Moisturizer
Our best-selling duo for clear skin
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Power Clear + Healing Serum
Fight blemishes and breakouts with added serum
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Acne Clear + Healing Serum
Maximum-strength acne cleanser with healing serum
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Acne Clear + Matte Moisturizer
Maximum strength acne cleanser & oil-free matte moisturizer
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