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Since 1987


LEROSETT® Acne Cleansers, Face Washes, and Toners use only natural glycolic and salicylic acid with 50% antioxidant-rich organic aloe vera, a proven healing agent that reduces irritation, inflammation, and acne scarring. New research highlights the risks of benzoyl peroxide.




Are you battling acne, oily, or sensitive skin? Our plant-based cleansers & toners are packed with soothing botanicals that help speed the clearing of cystic acne, even with sensitive skin. LEROSETT® Acne Cleanser with 2% salicylic acid is our maximum-strength acne cleanser and is considered the gentlest acne cleanser available. Try LEROSETT® today and see the difference between plant-based & water-based products for yourself!

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