About Gunilla of Sweden®


About our founder

Gunilla Nilsson Ross

(above Teaching Esthetics UK 1962)

We Don’t Follow the Science of Botanical Skincare. We Pioneer it. Since 1987.

About Gunilla and Gunilla of Sweden® 

Beginning in 1987, Gunilla of Sweden® (a family-owned and top 25 awarded small company) has effectively combined science-based active ingredients within botanically based products that have helped transform the beauty industry. Through dedication and research, Gunilla strives to educate professionals and consumers about the importance of nutrient-rich botanically based skincare that helps the skin to naturally heal and rejuvenate.

Where it all started

Gunilla’s Story

Our founder, Gunilla Ross, earned her esthetic credentials in 1962 after studying in England and Sweden. Once in the United States, Gunilla became a pioneer in the education of esthetics. She then began to realize the skincare market was lacking the organic and botanical content she was accustomed to in Sweden. A passion for skincare and the knowledge of Swedish natural treatments led her to start her own business in 1987.

Our History

With a single product, the 100% organic and no added chemicals LEROSETT® Clay Treatment for problem skin, Gunilla built her brand by sharing LEROSETT® exclusively with licensed skincare and medical professionals. For two decades, Gunilla of Sweden® grew their brand reputation and product selection, increasing from one to over 20 individual items and two product lines. This family-owned and professional grade skincare is now available to everyone seeking effective improvement in the health of their skin.

“Pioneer Who Paved the Path for
Skincare Professionals”


Dermascope Magazine   |   The leading publication for the skin care professional  |  40th Anniversary Issue


From Our Founder

When I moved to Denver, Co from Sweden in the early 70’s, I was dismayed to discover that working with aesthetics (skincare) was exclusively licensed within cosmetology.  There was no aesthetics training program, exam, or licensing specific to skincare.  During my early years in Denver, I served on the Colorado State Board of Licensing and created the first Aesthetics Education program and state board Aesthetics Exam, making licensure possible for those aspiring to pursue a professional career as an Aesthetician.




Gunilla of Sweden® was founded out of a sincere desire to make a real difference in the lives of others. We do this, not only by increasing the confidence of our customers with our professional skin care but also by partnering with our local schools through the Blue Valley Access Program.
For over ten years, we have worked with young adults disabled due to head injuries, or who suffer from cerebral palsy or MS. By helping them to integrate into the work environment; we provide projects which enable them to strengthen their talents and work together developing team building skills. When you receive any of our product systems, you can feel great that you, too, are contributing to the self-esteem and confidence of our amazing volunteers.

We Asked Gunilla:


What is your inspiration and vision for Gunilla of Sweden®?

I have always had a passion for skin care and I’ve always wanted to help people. When I came here from Sweden, I could not find the type of skin care that I wanted to use. In Sweden, we prefer natural ingredients opposed to various chemicals. Many people have issues with problem skin and I wanted to find a way to help the public. No one should have to hide or be embarrassed because of their skin.


What is your current skin care regimen?

GUNILLA™ Herbal Face Wash & Toner for Normal-Dry Sensitive skin, GUNILLA™ Eye-de-puff, GUNILLA™ Cell Rejuvenator Active  Firming Serum, GUNILLA™ Deep Moisturizer with Active Ceramides and an SPF 30 sunscreen. I do alternate the GUNILLA™ 10% Alpha Hydroxy Treatment and the Moisturizer with Ceramides every other night. We don’t make a sunscreen yet because there is difficulty making a botanically low chemical sunscreen, and we won’t make products with water as the main ingredient.


What is the biggest mistake people make when it comes to skin care?

Using too much product. People think that in order to get results you need to use more, which is not the case. You end up going through the product too quickly. Another problem I see is people not using anything on their skin or not having a consistent routine. If you want to see results, you need to use the products every day. You must treat your skin like you would treat your teeth, just because you brushed them in the morning doesn’t mean you’re done.




30+ years in the Professional Skincare Industry

For over 20 years, Gunilla of Sweden® products were only available to dermatologists and licensed skincare professionals at spas and medical clinics. Now you, too, can use what many skin care professionals consider to be the best in botanical skincare.


Choosing Organic Skincare

Research shows that natural botanical ingredients have an array of health benefits. When choosing a botanical line, the percentages and delivery of ingredients are just as important as the ingredients themselves. Here at Gunilla of Sweden®, we have a high content of active ingredients, set in a base of pure, 100% organic, hydroponically greenhouse grown aloe that is hand-planted and cared for, and never with biocides. Unlike water-based products, our aloe base serves as an added active as well. It is our goal that our products are formulated for effective results.


Our Physician

Dr. Adriana Rascanu reached professional success after struggling with acne since the age of 10.  Antibiotics and medications had adverse side effects and she couldn’t find an effective, long-term, healthy solution. She learned about LEROSETT® botanically-based acne products and she’s had clear skin ever since. Transformed by this experience, Dr. Rascanu joined the Gunilla™ Team consulting on product development, ingredients, clinical studies and more.  Results may vary.

LEROSETT® Results and Reviews

Charly Y.

"Lerosett products are completely organic and have a lot less ingredients. This made me feel more comfortable using them because my skin is so sensitive. I feel confident not wearing as much makeup and feel healthier. I have already recommended these products to fellow acne sufferers."

Kele W

"I originally made a YouTube video because of LEROSETT®, I was so amazed at how well LEROSETT® worked. I had acne since the seventh grade and now I'm finally clear but LEROSETT® did what NOTHING else could, clear my skin." (See video on user video page)

Jessica G.

"Gunilla of Sweden products differ from other products in the simplest way; they work. I have suffered from acne for six years. You could probably imagine all the products I went through. These are the best products I ever tried with very amazing people ready and willing to help and answer questions. I don't know what else to say. Basically, this stuff works and I love it."

Garrett A.

With a busy schedule including many hours in the pool, Garrett was still able to commit to the recommended daily regimen and get clear skin. "Using LEROSETT® was the first time I was given a regimen to follow. Gunilla of Sweden has changed the way that I look at myself. The difference in the amount and severity of acne is insane and I couldn't appreciate it more!"

Kate K.

"I suffered with acne for three years. It started out with small outbreaks, then became cystic acne. Gunilla of Sweden products worked well and did not harm my skin like other products I have tried. The products have been great, and the support we received has been amazing. Gunilla of Sweden products have made a positive influence on my life because they gave me clearer and fresh feeling skin. I can go in public without makeup! I would recommend these products to others who suffer from acne!"

*Individual results may vary per patient and skin condition-Click for Zoom