Organic & Adaptogenic Botanical Ingredients

Gunilla of Sweden®
Active, Botanical &
Organic Ingredients

with 60% – 83% Active Botanical Content™In Each Product

Additional botanicals: We include up to 49 organic botanicals; 28 are adaptogenic, all sourced worldwide to help restore your skin’s natural beauty. These botanical ingredients work in countless ways, from helping maintain the skin’s moisture barrier, boosting antioxidants and new cell turnover, healing pimples faster, decreasing sebum production, reducing potential scarring, and protecting against free-radical damage.


Our Main Ingredient:  Since 1987, hydroponic aloe has been the main ingredient in GUNILLA® Organic Skincare & LEROSETT® for Acne & Problem Skin. Our organic aloe is adaptogenic, nutrient-infused, and creates a truly luxurious feel while causing active ingredients to absorb better. As a result, ingredients like ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and collagen are better absorbed into the skin. Each product contains 40% to 83% of our organic aloe; that’s greenhouse-grown and hand-planted without herbicides or pesticides.