Organic and Hydroponically Grown Botanical Ingredients

Gunilla of Sweden®
Active, Botanical &
Organic Ingredients

with 60% – 85% Active Botanical Content™In Each Product

Botanically Based Formulas: We use up to 49 cherished botanical ingredients captured at their peak for potency. We source our botanical ingredients worldwide, mainly from France and other European countries. We then combine these botanicals with our nutrient-infused greenhouse-grown organic aloe vera. —our added botanicals often create natural aromatherapy without perfumes or added fragrances; another reason customers stay with Gunilla of Sweden® for decades.

Our Main Ingredient:  Hydroponic Aloe is one of the only known substances that can penetrate the skin’s dermis layer. All of our products contain over 50% of our rare, hydroponic, 100% organic aloe that’s grown in temperature-controlled greenhouses. Our unique aloe flourishes in nutrient-infused recycled water, not soil, without herbicides or pesticides. The best ingredients, from ceramides and peptides to AHA and lipoic acids, are better absorbed into the skin based on nutrient-infused organic aloe. Water or oil-based products sit on the surface of the skin.