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Treatments for Oily & Combination Skin

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Restore balance to oily/combination skin with our botanically based products that are both gentle and powerfully effective. Infused with nourishing ingredients, such as Organic, Hydroponic Super Aloe, our Swedish Skincare line helps clear skin while avoiding harsh products that strip the skin of its natural and protective oils. Give your skin what it craves to leave it healthy, hydrated, and shine-free.




4 Part Organic System

This kit combines our rare aloe-based, Lerosett Botanical Acne Cleanser, Lerosett 100% Organic Clay Treatment, and Lerosett Moisture Matte Clear Skin Moisturizer that works to cleanse, exfoliate dead skin cells and restore barrier protection to bring balance to the skin. The perfect system for those with oily and combination skin. This is suitable for the treatment of acne/oily/combination skin types and all ethnicities.

LEROSETT® Results and Reviews

Alex R.

"My son Alex is fourteen and his acne made his life very difficult. I did not want to start the endless cycle of antibiotics making super bacteria. So I did my research and ClearPoint® and LEROSETT® came up again and again as the only organic acne or botanical acne products. Alex is clear now and his life is so much better, thank you so much for all your help, advice and knowledge concerning acne. Eva Reynolds Alex."

Arlene T

"I am super happy with the results! I feel like my skin is looking just so much better. I don't even wear makeup on my t-zone anymore, just my cheeks - and there, lightly. I will definitely be using LEROSETT® and Gunilla of Sweden products for life, the results incredibly impress me."

Charly Y.

"Lerosett products are completely organic and have a lot less ingredients. This made me feel more comfortable using them because my skin is so sensitive. I feel confident not wearing as much makeup and feel healthier. I have already recommended these products to fellow acne sufferers."

Brittany B.

I would recommend anyone suffering with acne to try these products. It is better for the skin and body to use natural products, and Gunilla offers great customer service. They really care about their clients.

Allison R.

"I've taken prescription medications, used many face washes and done chemical peels. But none of them were made with aloe or organic. I know these products are what I will keep using. Gunilla of Sweden has helped me these past months. Those looking for a legitimate product that has helped, LEROSETT® is definitely one to try."

Chris N.

"I tried dozens of brands and was upset to learn that most all are the same, especially after spending so much I didn't trust acne brands anymore. Every brand was just water and Benzoyl Peroxide or water and Salicylic Acid or all three, the worse combination. I wanted something different. I now know it's the ingredient quality and acne expertise at Team Gunilla that got me clear! I used the ClearPoint Supplements first and then added the LEROSETT acne cleanser, with the Spot Treatment for occasion pimples"

*Individual results may vary per patient and skin condition

ABC: Active Botanical Content

Gunilla of Sweden® has opened up new fields in acne care and anti-aging. GUNILLA® takes claim to the term ABC or Active Botanical Content since we would like our percentage of ABC to be known. With so many brands also claiming to contain organic content without offering a percentage, GUNILLA® had a strong reason for creating the term High-Content Organic since we make no product with less than 50% organic or botanical content.


From Sweden to America

Our founder, Gunilla Nilsson Ross, received her skincare credentials in 1962 after studying in England, Sweden, and the United States. When Gunilla arrived in America in the 1970’s, the skincare market was lacking the organic compounds she was accustomed to in Sweden. A passion for skincare and the knowledge of organic Swedish treatments led her to start her own business in 1987.


30+ years in the skincare industry

Since 1987, Gunilla of Sweden® has been transforming the beauty industry with revolutionary botanical skincare. Our greenhouse-grown, nutrient-rich, organic aloe is the primary ingredient in our products. Through dedication and research, GUNILLA® strives to educate medical and skincare professionals, along with consumers, on why quality ingredients in skincare matters.