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Why Gunilla of Sweden® Organic Skincare?
30 Years of Proven Results | Vegan | Plant-Based | Quality You Can Feel | Affordability

GUNILLA® for Anti-Aging & Daily Skincare

LEROSETT® for Acne, Oily & Problem Skin

What Makes Gunilla of Sweden® Skincare Products Better?

50 Years of Skincare Expertise & Innovative Science

Gunilla Ross, our founder, is a true innovator in the field of botanical skincare and skincare education. She authored curriculum and final exams that have paved the way for many estheticians to achieve licensure. A pioneer of botanical skincare & skincare education*  and an esthetics instructor since 1962. Gunilla’s extensive 50 years of experience is evident in her creation of the most luxurious, practical, and therapeutic skincare products. Gunilla’s formulas are based on greenhouse-grown organic aloe vera with numerous adaptogenic herbs used as the delivery system for a long list of active ingredients in both GUNILLA® LEROSETT® products.

Our Mission Since 1987:  Our unwavering dedication to creating plant-based organic skincare essentials has enabled us to combine an impressive array of high-performing botanical ingredients with clinically proven active ones. This has been our team’s mission for decades, and we are proud of our exceptional results. Our skincare products use 98%-100% organic, botanical, and natural ingredients, providing exceptional results without sensitivities or side effects. Professionals and consumers have trusted us for decades.

Today, Gunilla is 81 years old but doesn’t look it. She works daily on plant-based skincare formulations and has personally used her GUNILLA® and LEROSETT® products for over 30 years. “Gunilla Ross is a Pioneer Who Paved the Path for Skincare Professionals” Dermascope Magazine

Gunilla quote: “After 50 years making formulas, I learned to ignore fads in skincare; tried and true ingredients combined with the best quality botanical ingredients will always yield better results, and it is more affordable.


Why Does GUNILLA® & LEROSETT® Formulation Begin with Over 50% Organic Aloe?

Aloe vera is one of nature’s most powerful anti-inflammatories, especially high-quality pure aloe leaf. For over 30 years, we’ve seen estheticians, dermatologists, and customers with photo documentation use our plant-based organic products, and they see benefits almost immediately. We see remarkable results when our organic aloe-based products treat acne, inflammation, irritation, fine lines, wrinkles, puffy eyes, and more, so imagine what they can do to treat everyday skin concerns.

Inflammatory skin conditions are the most common problem in dermatology, like rashes accompanied by skin itching, redness, and irritation to acne, eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis. Few skincare brands help these skin conditions more than GUNILLA® & LEROSETT®; both without fragrance & LEROSETT® products are oil-free.

Our #1 worldwide + cult favorite product is our proprietary 100% Organic LEROSETT® Spot Treatment & Clearing (Clay) Mask, with only two ingredients and no synthetic or chemical additives. A favorite with dermatologists for decades, LEROSETT® is clinically proven to be over 98% effective against oily skin, ingrown hairs, blackheads, blemishes, and pre, and post-waxing; it detoxifies and can stop pimples in hours while reducing pore size and more.


Our Main Ingredient: Nutrient-Infused Hand-Planted 100%, Organic Hydroponic Aloe

We use hydro-organic aloe vera grown in temperature-controlled greenhouses. Our aloe is grown in nutrient-infused water, not soil; the image on the left shows the nutrient control system. Water is recycled and not lost in the earth, and there are no pesticides or herbicides used.

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Benefits of GUNILLA® & LEROSETT® Hydro-Organic Aloe-Based Skin Care 

We base all botanical skincare on over 60% nutrient-infused hydroponically grown organic aloe, making each botanical product therapeutic by its very nature. Our aloe is hand planted, with no pesticides or herbicides, effectively fights free radicals and signs of environmental damage.

This is why GUNILLA®/LEROSETT® feels smooth and luxurious to the skin without adding chemicals for an artificially smooth feel. Yes, pure aloe leaf is beneficial but less effective without added actives like ceramides, hyaluronic acid, or peptides. We found that 60% organic aloe is the most effective formulation when added to clinically proven active ingredients. Aloe has almost no effect under 15% content, hydroponic aloe vera not the 1st ingredient.


Water-Based Skin Care 
Water can only reach into two layers of the skin. Hydro-organic aloe can penetrate deeper into seven layers and absorb into the skin four times faster than water.


Oil-Based Skin Care

We do use some oils, but not as a base ingredient. Certain oils can be beneficial for normal skin in many cases, but as a rule, oils do not contain the nutrients or the effectiveness of hydroponic aloe or plant extracts. Our goal is to make effective skincare that professionals use that does not feel greasy or cause breakouts.





Help to restore your skin’s radiance and achieve clear skin with hundreds of potent natural extracts, botanicals, and adaptogenic herbs sourced from around the world. Ingredients like Panax Ginseng, Nettle, Pomegranate, and Marigold can stimulate cellular turnover, boost elasticity, repair the skin’s moisture barrier, smooth, brighten, and clear skin while protecting against free-radical damage.

LEROSETT® Botanical Cleanser & a Common Cleanser


Water can only reach down into two layers of the skin without nutrients, yet, water is the main ingredient in almost every skincare product. 

When applied to the skin’s surface, water can quickly cause dehydration through evaporation. Thats why pore-clogging ingredients like oils and petroleums are added to skincare to prevent skin from drying out. Pore-clogging ingredients are not necessary when hydro-organic aloe is the main ingredient.


Hydro-organic aloe can permeate down into seven layers and absorb into the skin four times faster than water.

Greenhouse-grown aloe contains lignin with unusual penetrative properties, making it an excellent carrier to nourish and create hydration deep within the skin. Our organic aloe has over 200 nutritional substances, including 20 amino acids, 18 vitamins and minerals, and eight enzymes that penetrate tissue and assist wound healing like pimples. Our greenhouse-grown aloe is a superior ingredient to deliver nutrients to the skin.


LEROSETT® Clear | Treat | Heal

The LEROSETT® organic acne method for clear skin is based on our acclaimed zinc and mineral-rich 100% organic ionic clay (static charge) and our nutrient-infused organic aloe. LEROSETT® products target acne, oily, & problem skin and breakouts at the root without the harsh chemicals and side effects. LEROSETT® products help cut oil production, calm, clear, balance, and heal damaged skin with our unique, organic aloe main ingredient preferred by thousands of acne experts for decades. See clinical trials with before, middle, and after images and professional testimonials.

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GUNILLA® Refine | Rejuvenate | Renew

Developed in Sweden for anti-aging and daily skincare, GUNILLA® skincare products deliver up to 80% active content within a 60% organic aloe base. Rich-luxurious textures work to preserve the natural pH balance, firm, hydrate, and significantly increase collagen production to help regenerate, renew, and beautify even environmentally damaged skin.

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