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Spa-Grade Botanical & Organic Skin Care; Different in Almost Every Way


Why Gunilla of Sweden® Skincare? Results.

The choice of dermatologists & estheticians at top spas since 1987

What Makes Gunilla of Sweden® Different?

For over 30 years, our goal has been to create practical and useful daily skincare essentials. We do not make highly acidic products or skincare that could damage the skin if misused. We create botanically-based, exceptionally high-quality skincare while insisting on a $30 average retail price. We concentrate on roughly 25 products that are either clinically proven effective or proven effective in a professional spa environment.

Our Main Ingredient is our Clinical Grade Nutrient-Infused Hand-Planted Greenhouse Grown 100%, Organic Aloe

We use hydro-organic aloe vera grown in temperature-controlled greenhouses. Our aloe is grown in nutrient-infused water, not soil; the image on the left shows the nutrient control system, monitored daily. Water is recycled and not lost in the earth, and there are no pesticides or herbicides used during the growing period. Because we base our products on super aloe, and not oil or water, GUNILLA® skincare and LEROSETT® acne products have been a professional favorite with millions of loyal fans for over 30 years.

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Swedish beauty is based on simplicity and the care of body, mind, and yes, skincare

We base all our botanical skincare products on our unique nutrient-infused greenhouse-grown organic aloe-vera. Effectively fights free radicals and signs of environmental damage. Our aloe is hand planted, with no pesticides or herbicides.

Never Oil-Based

We do use some oils, but not as a base ingredient. In many cases, for normal skin, certain oils can be beneficial, but as a rule, oils do not contain the nutrients or effectiveness of hydroponic aloe. Our goal is to make effective skincare that professionals will use that does not feel greasy or cause breakouts.

Never Water Based

Products based on water have limitations. Our unique aloe base enables actives like Ceramides, Hyaluronic acid, Peptides, Alpha-lipoic acid, and Glycolic acid to deeply penetrate the skin.




49+ Botanical Skin Care


Help to restore your skin’s radiance and achieve clear skin with powerful natural extracts, sourced from around the world with up to 49 nutrient-rich active botanicals. Ingredients like Siberian Ginseng, Nettle, Pomegranate, and Marigold can stimulate cellular turnover, boost elasticity, repair the skin’s moisture barrier, smooth, brighten, and clear skin while protecting against free-radical damage.

LEROSETT® Acne cleanser & a Regular Acne Cleanser


You Skin Cannot Absorb Water; It Does Absorb Organic Aloe. Water the main ingredient in almost every skincare product. 

When applied to the surface of the skin, water can quickly cause dehydration through evaporation. Thats why pore-clogging ingredients like oils and petroleums are added to skincare, to prevent skin from drying out. None of those pore-clogging ingredients are necessary when greenhouse-grown organic aloe is the main ingredient.


100% Organic Aloe Has Countless Benefits Over Water

Greenhouse-grown aloe contains lignin that has unusual penetrative properties, making it an excellent carrier to both nourish and create hydration deep within the skin. Our organic aloe has over 200 nutritional substances, including 20 amino acids, 18 vitamins and minerals, and eight enzymes which work to penetrate tissue and can assist in wound healing like pimples.— our greenhouse-grown aloe is a superior ingredient to deliver nutrients to the skin.


LEROSETT® Organic Acne Method

The LEROSETT® organic acne method for clear skin is based on our acclaimed 100% organic ionic clay (static charge) and our nutrient-infused greenhouse-grown organic aloe. LEROSETT® products target acne, oily skin, and breakouts at the root without the harsh chemicals and side effects familiar with many acne brands. LEROSETT® products help to calm, clear, balance, and help heal damaged skin with our unique, organic aloe main ingredient preferred by thousands of acne experts for decades. Click clinical trials with before, middle, and after images and professional testimonials.

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GUNILLA® Refine | Rejuvenate | Renew

Developed in Sweden for all non-acne skincare, our GUNILLA® products deliver clinical ingredients within our nutrient-rich greenhouse-grown organic aloe base. With luxurious textures, they work to preserve the natural pH balance, firm, hydrate, and increase collagen production to help to regenerate the skin.

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