Gunilla of Sweden®
Botanical Skin Care
Different in Almost Every Way

Why Gunilla of Sweden® Skincare? Results.

The choice of dermatologists, & estheticians at top spas since 1987

 Our goal has always been to create the practical and effective essentials of daily skincare. Using only professional grade botanically-based formulas, we insist on affordability at a $35 average retail price.

 We concentrate on roughly 25 professional products; that way, we have total control over consistency, ingredients, and quality. We can also create kits and duos for combining the most effective combinations.


What Makes Gunilla of Sweden® Different?

One of Many Reasons is our Clinical Grade Active Ingredients within a Base of Nutrient-Infused Hand-Planted Green-House Grown 100%, Organic Aloe.

We use hydro-organic aloe vera grown in temperature-controlled greenhouses. Our aloe is grown in nutrient-infused water, not soil; the image on the left shows the nutrient control system, monitored daily. Water is recycled and not lost in the earth, and there are no pesticides or herbicides used during the growing period. Because we base our products on super aloe, not oil or water GUNILLA® Skin Care and LEROSETT® Acne Products, have been a professional favorite with millions of loyal fans for over 30 years.

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Why use Hydroponics?
  1. Soil loses its nutrient value over time and can contain plant-damaging disease. Hydroponic plants are grown in water, not soil. The hydroponic method uses balanced plant food that dissolved directly into the oxygenated water so the plant can receive perfect nutrition at all times.

  2. Re-filter the same water, it is not wasted in the soil and the roots are always in water-absorbing more plant food and nutrients.
  3. More harvests in a greenhouse; the plants are larger and healthier too.
  4. No herbicides or pesticides and there is no damaging water runoff.
  5. Soil is not able to produce the nutrient levels needed per sq. foot, as the root system is able to take up in hydroponics.
  6. More nutrients are infused into the plant yielding a more effective ingredient, especially when used as the main ingredient in skincare. All GUNILLA®  products are based on a minimum of 60% of our hydroponically greenhouse-grown, hand-picked and hand planted, nutrient fed 100% organic aloe.  You will notice a quality in feel that products using water as the main ingredient doesn’t have. That’s another reason Gunilla of Sweden® is in a class all its own.

Swedish beauty is based on simplicity and the care of body, mind, and yes, skincare. Derived from nature, active botanical ingredients are packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. When using a nutrient-infused organic aloe base the botanical benefits are increased. Not all plants, oils, fruits or vegetables commonly used in so many skincare brands are genuinely active ingredients for effective skincare.

Never oil-based:  Skincare brands trying to avoid all preservatives have no choice but to make skincare that is mostly all oil. Like olive oil in your kitchen, they last a long time without preservatives. There is usually more text about the lack of chemicals than evidence that the oils are effective. Our goal is to make skincare that does not feel greasy or clog pores. The advantages of using over 60% hydro-organic, nutrient-infused organic aloe in our products is almost limitless. The benefits from vitimins, minerals, and therapeutic healing outweigh the use of minute amounts of preservatives. Quality aloe has proven to heal burns better than Rx salves.

We do use some oils, but not as a base ingredient. In many cases for normal skin, certain oils can be beneficial to some skin condition, but as a rule, oils do not contain the nutrients of hydroponic aloe.


Never Water Based: Products based on water, or juice that’s mostly water have limitations because water is not absorbed by the skin. Our greenhouse-grown organic aloe contains lignin and has the ability to penetrate tissue deeper than products based on water. Our aloe base enables actives ingredients like Ceramides, Alpha-lipoic acid, and Alpha hydroxy the enter the skin to heal and rejuvenate naturally.


ABC or Active Botanical Content™ & Fruit Salad Skin Care:  ABC means active botanical content™, not every fruit or vegetable is an active skincare ingredient, especially when it’s one of the primary ingredients. Some skin care products use known foods as ingredients to make the product sound more healthy. The result is an ingredient list like a fruit salad, they sound great, and people buy them. But does Strawberry, Kiwi and Squash puree, clear acne or remove wrinkles? NO.


Mixing our products for custom formulas: Because our products contain high-content organic aloe with minimal additives they can be combined. Below are examples of mixing products together, a technique used by many skincare experts at top spas for customer treatments.

#1. If you want more collagen added to our GUNILLA® Brighten & Renew Cream with 10% Alpha-hydroxy Treatment. In your palm mix 1 or 2 drops of GUNILLA® Cell Rejuvenator Serum into one application of GUNILLA® BRC with 10% AHT for a unique overnight resurfacing treatment with more anti-aging content.


#2. Want a Clay Mask Treatment that absorbs oils and pimples, yet also moisturizes to help heal irritated skin? In your palm, mix 1/2 LEROSETT® Spot Treatment & Clearing Mask (Clay Treatment) with 1/2 LEROSETT® Moisture Matte for a hydrating clay mask with added healing, hydration, and more. This mask will not dry but will leave super soft skin, leave on for up to an hour.


#3.  Say you have a bit more open pimples than normal and you just washed off the LEROSETT® Clay Mask. Now you moisturize with Moisture Matte. Add one application of Moisture Matte in your palm, then add 2 drops of Healing Serum, mix it up in your palm and moisturize your face with added healing and collagen to your skin.




49+ Botanical Skin Care


Help to restore your skin’s radiance and achieve clear skin with powerful natural extracts, sourced from around the world with up to 49 nutrient-rich active botanicals. Ingredients like Siberian Ginseng, Nettle, Pomegranate, and Marigold can stimulate cellular turnover, boost elasticity, repair the skin’s moisture barrier, smooth, brighten and clear skin while protecting against free-radical damage.

LEROSETT® Acne cleanser & a Regular Acne Cleanser


You Skin Cannot Absorb Water; It Does Absorb Organic Aloe. Water the main ingredient in almost every skincare product. 

When applied to the surface of the skin, water can quickly cause dehydration through evaporation. Thats why pore-clogging ingredients like oils and petroleums are added to skincare, to prevent skin from drying out. None of those pore-clogging ingredients are necessary when greenhouse-grown organic aloe is the main ingredient.


100% Organic Aloe Has Countless Benefits Over Water

Greenhouse-grown aloe contains lignin that has unusual penetrative properties, making it an excellent carrier to both nourish and create hydration deep within the skin. Our organic aloe has over 200 nutritional substances, including 20 amino acids, 18 vitamins and minerals, and eight enzymes which work to penetrate tissue and can assist in wound healing like pimples.— our greenhouse-grown aloe is a superior ingredient to deliver nutrients to the skin.


LEROSETT® Organic Acne Method

The LEROSETT® organic acne method for clear skin is based on our acclaimed 100% organic ionic clay (static charge) and our nutrient-infused greenhouse-grown organic aloe. LEROSETT® products target acne, oily-skin and breakouts at the root without the harsh chemicals and side effects common with many acne brands. LEROSETT® products help to calm, clear, balance, and help heal damaged skin with our unique organic aloe main ingredient preferred by thousands of acne experts for decades. Click clinical trials with before, middle and after images and professional testimonials.

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GUNILLA® Redefine | Rejuvenate | Renew

Developed in Sweden for all non-acne skincare our GUNILLA® products deliver clinical ingredients within our nutrient-rich greenhouse-grown organic aloe base. With luxurious textures, they work to preserve the natural pH balance, firm, hydrate and increase collagen production to help to regenerate the skin.

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