How to Extract Pimples using LEROSETT® Spot Treatment & Clearing Mask



How to Extract Pimples:  From the time we start experiencing breakouts, generally, in our teenage years, we’ve always been told the same thing: Never pop your pimples!  WRONG!

It is possible to extract pimples and remove blackheads without causing any harm to your skin if the extraction process is done correctly and carefully. However, you should never attempt to pop a pimple that does not have a visible yellow infection on top or one that has not come to a head. Doing so can cause a deeper infection, leading to more significant inflammation and scarring. If you squeeze an undeveloped pimple or lesion, the infection may go deeper instead of coming up, leading to more severe complications. This is what LEROSETT® Clay was created to deal with.

To check if a pimple is ready for extraction, ensure it has come to a head and has visible yellow or white pus, and when you try to squeeze it, something comes out.

Blackheads are the easiest to remove when you learn how, and physically removing them is the only real way to deal with them; there is no magic sticky tape. Blackheads must be extracted.  However, once removed, LEROSETT® will prevent blackheads from returning.

Why sticky tape won’t remove blackheads: Think of a plastic tube full of mayonnaise, and you have a blackhead. Glue may remove the black oxidized tip of the tub, but the top of the tube will continue to oxidize and turn black again in just a few days. This is why blackheads must be physically extracted. Using a LEROSETT® clay mask makes blackheads easier to extract, and using 2-3 masks per week will prevent new blackheads from starting.

Helpful tips on how to correctly extract a pimple or blackhead are listed below:

LEROSETT® Spot Treatment & Clearing Clay Mask can stop a pimple or shorten its lifecycle by 70%-80%, making a 10-day pimple last about 2-3 days. Or not at all. The earlier you catch a new pimple coming, spot treat it immediately, the better. 

3 Helpful Tips! 

Stop a Pimple #1 – When you notice a new pimple before it turns red, immediately spot-treat it with LEROSETT® several times in 24 hours. Minerals within LEROSETT®, like zinc, help prevent the sore area from becoming a pimple. 

Remove a Pimple #2 –Once the pimple is red, painful, and infected, spot treatments will pull the infection to the surface faster to be extracted and start healing. 

Stop the Scar #3- After extraction, spot treats multiple times and overnight for 24 hours; this will absorb excess puss & fluid. LEROSETT® dries & tightens the opening and will help close the opening left from the extraction, thereby preventing scabbing and scarring.

  1. Make sure your hands are clean.
  2. Steam your face for 5-10 minutes either in the shower or over a hot water bowl (put a towel over your head to trap in the steam). This will loosen the pores and make the extraction process less painful. Be careful not to scald yourself during this step!
  3. Optional: Massage the infected area for a few minutes to release tension.
  4. Prick the top of a pimple with a sterilized needle or lancet; don’t use anything else.
  5. Wrap fingertips with tissues or a cotton pad for grip.
  6. Place wrapped fingers on both sides of a pimple and use a rocking or rolling motion to start the extraction process.
  7. After a few pushes, if nothing comes out, stop pushing! 
  8. When a pimple is ready to be extracted, it won’t require a lot of pressure.

After the pimple is extracted.

1- Stop pushing when you see blood or clear fluid.
2- Wipe away any fluids and use an astringent, like alcohol and a cotton pad, to disinfect the skin.
3- Use LEROSETT® Spot Treatment & Clay Mask or apply it as a spot treatment. Moisturize the skin


200c76933e1c343299840fdde41c2fb9To avoid infection, always sterilize your extractor every time you use it. To do this, boil the tool for ten minutes in hot water, then cleanse it with rubbing alcohol.

We do not recommend extracting aggravated, inflamed, or infected acne lesions. Just keep spot-treating it several times daily and at night; this may worsen the acne and cause more breakouts and scarring. Also, it is critical to leave painful lesions and deep cysts alone. Do not try to extract these blemishes. You may apply LEROSETT® Spot Treatment & Clay Mask to a pimple several times daily to prevent swelling and the blemish from becoming more inflamed.

The extraction process may be extensive, but if done correctly and carefully, you may be able to rid yourself of whiteheads and/or blackheads without irritating the skin. If you are unsure about your skin condition, always seek advice from a physician or skincare specialist to confirm that you have acne and not one of many other skin conditions that can look similar to acne.

By Definition:  Having a few pimples is not acne. Acne is a chronic, incurable skin disease that causes permanent skin scarring; you can grow out of it. Most people who have pimples do not have an incurable skin disease. Every teen in America has pimples; not every teen has an incurable skin disease. These days, real acne is defined as cystic acne that leaves scars, lots of big, painful cysts that leave scars and are always there. The term problem-skin should be used more often than acne. No matter how you handle your pimples, LEROSETT® Spot treatment is a valuable tool in preventing a pimple from starting, either by using the clay as a mask to prevent pore clogging, reducing oil production or as a spot treatment.

Plus, LEROSETT® is 100% organic. You can use it as often as you want, but remember to moisturize.



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