LEROSETT® Acne User Video. Kele W.

Kele Wisner provided this unsolicited acne video review on YouTube after Using LEROSETT®. Kele states he suffered from years of what he calls “horrible skin”. He shows how people feel after using dozens of acne products that are the same and don’t work. Many feel anger, frustration, anxiety, and even depression. Then joy and relief as with Kele, who finally found LEROSETT® organic acne products. He was looking for a healthy option for treating acne. He finally found it. This video is an honest, genuine and at times funny video review of LEROSETT® Spot Treatment & Clearing Mask and LEROSETT® Moisture Matte. 100% Organic with no added chemicals.

At Gunilla of Sweden®, we pride ourselves on helping our customers achieve clear skin. Not only do we help clear their acne with our custom regimens and skin-specific advice, but we also help our customers regain their self-confidence and help them to improve their quality of life altogether. LEROSETT® acne products are very different, they are FDA approved organic aloe or 100% organic clay-based.