Science-Based Active Ingredients Delivered by Therapeutic Botanicals

The purpose of the main ingredient in skincare products is to deliver the active ingredients into the skin so the necessary nutrients or science-based actives can enrich the area of focus, and the product can do what it’s intended to do. Aloe serves as an excellent therapeutic base for skincare products, primarily when administered in levels of over 50% of the entire product.  Hydroponic aloe penetrates up to 7 layers of skin, and water only reaches 2 layers & it can also dry out the skin. Oils can clog pores with limited nutrients.

There are quality grades of aloe. Greenhouse-grown hydroponic aloe is grown in water that has its plant nutrients in balance at all times. No pesticides or herbicides are needed, and the water is recycled; the earth does not absorb it like field-grown aloe.



Organic and Botanical Ingredients

Botanical ingredients have been in the skincare spotlight recently and for a good reason! These naturally derived extracts have many beneficial properties that are great for the skin. For instance, most botanical ingredients have antioxidant benefits as well as protecting against free radicals. Other benefits may include healing/treating acne, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, and skin brightening. There is no question as to why botanical ingredients are becoming so popular in the skin care industry! Herbal extracts come from a plant’s leaves, roots, flowers or bark. All the other parts of the plant are dissolved using a particular solvent leaving the natural extract. The solution is then separated from insoluble components of the plant. A pure extract can provide many natural properties that benefit skin, hair, and even overall health if the process is performed correctly. These plants must come from a high-quality environment where no harsh chemicals are used, like our organic and hydroponically grown aloe that serves as the base of all GUNILLA® Botanical Skincare products. Also, since the skin can only absorb a certain amount of product at a time, only a small percentage of the botanical extract is needed to see maximum benefits.