alpha-lipoic ACID (or) THIOCTIC ACID

What are Alpha Lipoic Acid benefits for the skin?

• Targets premature age progression

• A powerful antioxidant defense against environmental oxidative stress

• 400 times the antioxidant ability than Vitamins C and E

• It will treat under-eye puffiness quickly & eye bags over time.

• Has anti-inflammatory properties

• Proven to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and skin roughness with no side effects

• Improves the natural exfoliating capacity of your skin

• Brightens your overall complexion & skin tone

• It is a fantastic ingredient for sensitive skin as it seldom creates irritation and will soothe dry, red skin.

• Due to its ability to slow the breakdown of collagen it;
• Slows the onset of wrinkles and sagginess.
• Will remove fine lines over time.
• Decreases pore size.