LEROSETT® ClearPoint® Acne Supplement User Review Video

This is an unsolicited video review posted by a LEROSETT® user on YouTube.

I found out ClearPoint® acne supplements were from LEROSETT® a real acne company, not just a vitamin maker. That’s important to me because when I called customer service, I talked to a real licensed acne specialist and she knew everything about acne.  Since they’re a real acne company they also have a full line of organic acne products too, so I use the Acne Cleanser as well because its the only aloe-based acne cleanser I can find and it heals my skin. Chris, N.

At Gunilla of Sweden®, we pride ourselves on helping our customers achieve clear skin. Not only do we help clear their acne with our custom regimens and skin-specific advice, but we also help our customers regain their self-confidence and help them to improve their quality of life altogether. LEROSETT® acne products are very different, they are FDA approved organic aloe or 100% organic clay-based.