Exfoliating, Gunilla’s Pro SkinCare Tip #4


We highly encourage exfoliating your skin regularly to remove dead skin cells, increase cell turnover and for better product absorption; however, if the products you are using for exfoliation are too abrasive, they can do more harm than good.

Recently, a certain brand on the market has suffered extreme backlash and even a lawsuit for marketing a variety of scrubs to help those suffering from acne – when really, their scrubs were creating microscopic holes in their customers’ skin. These micro tears cause inflammation, sensitivity and make skin prone to bacteria and infection.

“But, how could this happen?” you may ask.

Well, this company uses ground up walnut shells as their primary ingredient. When looked at under a microscope, the shell pieces in their scrubs have rough, jagged edges that literally rip the skin microscopically. There have been many claims of this product actually worsening acne because of its harsh and abrasive ingredients. As mentioned previously, these tears cause further irritation and make your skin prone to bacteria, pollution, and other free radicals.

Ultimately, this company is sending a false message to their customers — that in order to get rid of acne, you have to harshly scrub it away,  which is not the case at all. No matter what skin condition you experience, you must be gentle with your delicate facial skin. Your skin may feel smooth after scrubbing, but in the long run, you are causing damage.

Instead of using abrasive exfoliating products, try using a gentle chemical exfoliating product with Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHAs), such as salicylic acid, or Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs), such as glycolic acid, that actively removes dead skin cells while leaving your skin feeling soothed, fresh and glowing.

Below is a list of safe ways to exfoliate your facial skin:

Mechanical Exfoliation: Using a tool/scrub to remove dead skin cells

  • Facial Cleansing Brush/Konjac Sponge
  • Micro Scrubs – Usually contains gentle exfoliation beads/dissolving granules to gently remove the surface layer of the skin.  For instance, our LEROSETT® Spot Treatment and Clearing Mask and our LEROSETT® Clear Skin Face Wash are great for this type of exfoliation.

Chemical Exfoliation: Used for deeper methods of exfoliation 


Product Recommendations:

LEROSETT® Botanical Acne Cleanser

GUNILLA® Brighten and Renew Cream with 10% Alpha Hydroxy Acid

LEROSETT® Spot Treatment and Clearing Mask

LEROSETT® Clear Skin Face Wash