LEROSETT® Acne User Review Video – Darlene

This is an unsolicited video review posted by a LEROSETT® user on YouTube.


LEROSETT® Hormonal Acne Video Review. Darlene posted a very honest and open video review of her skin clearing after using LEROSETT® organic acne products. She suffered from hormonal acne for years. Her goal by the time she was 40 was to have clear skin. As a result, she was able to reach that goal after using LEROSETT®!


At Gunilla of Sweden®, we are dedicated to helping individuals with acne to rediscover their confidence and self-assurance. With our custom regimens, using clinically proven LEROSETT® products and personalized advice, we empower our clients to improve their quality of life by achieving clear, healthy skin. Unlike other acne treatments, LEROSETT® products are unique in that they eliminate bacteria and heal the skin without any harmful side effects to deliver fast and safe results.