LEROSETT® Clearing Cystic Acne -Progressive Stage Photos


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Real LEROSETT® Organic Acne Kit Users
Untouched Original Photos


Below are images capturing the clearing stages for cystic acne and the remarkable transformations users can experience with a LEROSETT® Organic Acne Kit. Some take one month, some take six months. If you’re committed to achieving clear skin, regardless of how deep your acne is, then LEROSETT® is your best and healthiest option, after 34 years, we know this fact.

We will help you; call us every few weeks for free counseling and document your clearing phase in weekly photos, just like these customers did. You may purge, some do, especially cystic acne, this means you must purge to get clear skin, it’s a good thing, it means you on your way to your clearpoint.

It’s just a matter of time!