All You Need to Know about Skin Purging


If you have ever excitedly started using a new skincare product that promises to deliver a clear, bright complexion only to find yourself with a sudden onset of new breakouts just a few days later, you are not alone. This can leave you feeling confused and doubtful about the product’s effectiveness. Is your skin rejecting it, or is this a sign that the product is actually working? The answer could be that you are experiencing skin purging, a natural process when starting a new product that accelerates the exfoliation process. During this time, your skin may experience increased breakouts or blemishes as it adjusts to the new product.

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How long does it take to get clear skin?

Why Does Purging Happen? 

“This too shall pass,” you may find comfort in knowing. The journey to clear, glowing skin can be bumpy, but remember that the first few stages of a pimple are merely a part of the process. Your skin is doing its job, and with time and patience, it will clear up. Trust the process and remember that good things come to those who wait.

What if purging makes me want to quit and give up? 

If you’re experiencing purging while using professional-grade acne products like LEROSETT®, don’t give up. Quitting midway may seem easy, but it’ll be much harder in the long run. You’ll have to start all over again with the next product, and it’s unlikely to be as effective as LEROSETT®, as safe, and all-natural with a proven 98% acne-clearing rate. Be patient, and trust the process. LEROSETT® is a proven solution to give you the desired clear and healthy skin.


Purging happens when a skincare product, mainly formulated for acne-prone skin, increases the skin’s natural exfoliation rate. This causes more dead skin to get trapped inside the pores, resulting in more breakouts. These pimples eventually surface, but the product forces the toxins out faster. Once these purging breakouts heal, your skin will appear clearer than ever over time.

Skin Purging & Breaking Out – What is the Difference? 

The main way to tell the difference between skin purging and a regular breakout is by the type of product causing the reaction. If the product increases cell turnover (exfoliation), such as alpha-hydroxy acid, salicylic acid, retinol, or a scrub/scrubbing brush, you may be experiencing skin purging. However, it’s probably not purging if your new product, such as a straightforward moisturizer or cleanser, does not aid in cell turnovers. Also, it’s important to remember how long the skin has been flaring up since you began using the new product. Skin renews itself about once a month, so if you do not see an improvement in breakouts after 5-8 weeks, you are not experiencing purging.

What is the best way to start purging and prevent it, to begin with? 

An effective way to minimize purging time, prevent it, and reduce severity during the initial clearing phase is to take ClearPoint® Acne Supplements. Since ClearPoint® is extremely effective in reducing sebum production, you will be less likely to experience severe breakouts during the purging phase.