100% Organic LEROSETT®
[lehr・o・ set]
Clay | Good Skincare for All

made in Sweden since 1987

LEROSETT® Clay has only two ingredients clay and water, with no synthetic additives. It’s 100% organic, proprietarily treated, mineral-rich, ionic clay of micro-fine particles. Our clay is literally magnetic. The ionic clay particles are 15X more absorbent than common clays; this allows for a mask only 1-millimeter thick. LEROSETT® attaches to dead skin cells and impurities that settle in fine lines and wrinkles. Simultaneously, it infuses the skin with minerals like zinc that aid in healing, detoxing, and decongesting the skin. LEROSETT® click here.


ONLY WHILE SUPPLIES LAST: LEROSETT® Clay in the Classic 10 oz Jar!

This wide-mouth jar offers convenience for frequent and large applications of clay, and the larger surface area of exposed clay means it’s easy to leave it open to the air for thickening OR mix in distilled water for thinning to your desired consistency. Experience the amazing benefits for yourself!


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