Acne Clearing Times

When Will I See Results?

A common question we hear is “How fast will my skin clear?” The critical thing to remember is that everyone is different, so clearing times vary.  Many factors can contribute to clearing time such as the severity or depth of your skin condition when beginning treatment as well as medications and stress levels.  When used daily LEROSETT® Spot Treatment and Clearing Mask absorbs more oil and impurities than your skin can produce. How you use LEROSETT® clay and how often makes the most difference. When used every day your skin eventually reaches its clear point; this occurs in stages.  If you skip just one day, your skin can be set back as much as a week.


How to use LEROSETT® for better results:

Techniques like sleeping with a thin mask on problem areas can be very effective. You first must test a small area for sensitivity; not everyone can sleep with a partial or full facial mask.  Usually, the more oily your skin, the more often you can use LEROSETT®.


Spot treating pimples as soon as you feel a pimple starting is one of the best ways to prevent a full pimple. Sleeping with a thicker, spot treatment on individual pimples is recommended, but only on the pimple when applied thicker.


A thin mask should dry within 10 minutes, and you can also rub it into the skin for a fast five-minute dry time. The more often you mask, the better, but don’t over do it and remember to moisturize with an aloe based LEROSETT® moisturizer or serum after the clay mask to rehydrate your skin.


Patience is key, and we are here to help.