Power Duos

Save 30% off the combined retail

“I have had acne clients tell me the LEROSETT® is magic!! I started introducing my clients to the LEROSETT® line of products. The LEROSETT® Clay Treatment and the LEROSETT® Healing Serum are two things I simply wouldn’t be without in my acne clinic.” Owner & Acne Esthetician – Jane Neville Dudik – The Acne Treatment Center, Vancouver, WA.

Skincare products are often very useful in combination with one another. We chose the LEROSETT® products that are most effective when used in conjunction with treating acne, oily skin, dry skin, and problem skin.

Power Duos are perfect for those needing an affordable professional grade daily skincare regime or those needing to add a few products to their LEROSETT® acne kits.