Acne Kits + Regimens

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“I have been using LEROSETT® for my acne patients for several years, and I love the results. My patients come back again to ask for it, and we have great outcomes for mild and moderate acne. For an organic product, it comes with a great affordable price”.  Dr. Bar- Medical Director, Teen MedSpa in Newport Beach CA. 

LEROSETT® kits work differently. That’s why thousands of dermatologist and acne specialists have recommended LEROSETT® to their clients for over 30 years. Many acne sufferers feel they’ve tried everything, with no success. Often users are unaware that most of the acne brands they’ve tried use water (the industry-standard as a cheap filler) as the main ingredient combined with the same acne medications.


LEROSETT® has introduced astonishing advantages to clearing skin. Our botanically-based cleansers, moisturizers, and serums help to calm and heal while our 100% organic clay absorbs the impurities known to trigger pimples in the first place. Clear, beautiful skin is within your reach. Try LEROSETT® with our Money-Back Guarantee.




LEROSETT® Botanical Acne Kit

30% off Combined Retail

LEROSETT® Botanical Acne Cleanser
LEROSETT® Organic Spot Treatment and Clearing Mask
LEROSETT® Clear Skin Moisture Matte

Our most popular botanically-based acne system has the properties that help to efficiently treat mild to cystic acne by combining our naturally-derived salicylic acid and our award-winning organic clay treatment with no added chemicals.
4-6 week supply