LEROSETT® Botanical Acne Kits

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Many acne sufferers feel they’ve tried everything with no success, but they are unaware that most acne brands have the same components: water (an industry-standard cheap filler) as its main ingredient and benzoyl peroxide (or a chemical exfoliant), neither of which heals the skin (see video below).

LEROSETT® has introduced astonishing advantages for clearing acne by using kits with specific product formulas targeted to help heal problem skin and clear acne without harsh chemicals or over-exfoliation. Using such a radically different approach with consistently effective results is why thousands of dermatologist and acne specialists have used LEROSETT® on their acne clients for over 30 years. Our oil-free, botanically-based, acne products help to heal, calm redness and swelling. Then our 100% Organic Spot Treatment & Clearing Mask (made in Sweden) exfoliates naturally (to absorb clogging impurities while infusing natural zinc to slow oil production). The deliberate combination of these factors for this unique approach has helped to clear and maintain beautiful skin without excessive chemical exfoliation (which can thin skin to cause premature aging). LEROSETT® exfoliates naturally and helps heal botanically — in the Swedish tradition of natural beauty.

LEROSETT® Botanical Acne Kit + Healing

30% off Combined Retail

LEROSETT® Botanical Acne Cleanser
LEROSETT® Organic Spot Treatment and Clearing Mask
LEROSETT® Botanical Healing Serum

Our most popular botanically-based acne system plus healing serum to minimize scarring and promote healing. Our Botanical Acne Kit + Healing has the properties that help to efficiently treat mild to cystic acne. We combine our naturally-derived salicylic acid aloe based acne cleanser, our award-winning 100% organic clay treatment plus collagen and revitalin.
4-6 week supply