Will my acne get worse before it gets better? What is purging?

In some cases of deep acne, as oil and impurities are drawn out of the skin, there can appear to be more pimples. As clogs are being pulled out, some can get stuck and back up a pimple. Purging is getting rid of all the clogs quickly so you can achieve clear skin. LEROSETT® acne products DO NOT cause acne. For those with deep pimples, these impurities must be removed for your skin to become clear. Stay consistent and don’t give up; your clear point may take time. If you choose not to remove these impurities, you may lose any chance of clearing your skin healthily.

For those people who have used dozens of products and nothing has worked, it is likely because purging never took place. Those with very problematic skin and many pimples have a lot of impurities deep in the surface. It is unfortunate for many but purging is often what must occur to achieve clear skin finally.

An effective way to minimize purging time and severity during the initial clearing phase is to take ClearPoint® supplements. Since ClearPoint® is extremely useful in cutting oil production, there can be less oil in your skin to purge.


How often should I use the products?

Consistency is key.

When you begin using Lerosett® acne products, use as instructed two times daily, usually once in the morning and once in the evening. Skipping days or changing your routine can lengthen your clearing time.

You may spot treat overnight on pimples, but do not sleep with a full facial mask: Sleeping on a dry, full facial clay mask can push impurities deeper into the pore causing new pimples.

For the best results, we recommend using one of our systems. For example, our LEROSETT® Acne System includes the LEROSETT®Botanical Acne Cleanser, LEROSETT®Spot Treatment and Clay Mask, and  Lerosett® Moisture Matte which complete a full skin care routine that will help to clear skin faster and target a broader range of issues.
For excessively oily skin check out our ClearPoint® All Natural Clear Skin Supplement.

What is a Spot Treatment?

Unlike a full facial mask, spot treatments can be applied thicker and left on for longer periods of time, even overnight. Spot treatments are directly on the pimple itself and can be done as often as needed. This can even be done before a pimple is formed so if you feel one start to swell, put some clay on it.

Spot treating a popped pimple

If you have a pimple that is ready for extraction, wait until the main drainage is over (maybe 30 min). Use a cotton ball to absorb the drainage, then spot treat the extraction point 30 minutes a day and spot treat overnight. This can absorb remaining liquids, infection, and help close the opening which prevents a scab and thereby minimizes scarring. LEROSETT® Clay can be used as a drying paste.

How often should you moisturize?

Daily! This is an essential process for keeping your skin hydrated, especially during dry winter months. Both the LEROSETT® Botanical Acne Cleanser and Clay can be drying as well so please moisturize after each mask or cleanse. We recommend our aloe based LEROSETT® Moisture Matte or LEROSETT® Healing Serum are oil-free, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and can hydrate your skin effectively, minimizing the redness and swelling from pimples, etc. while adding the nutrients that help the natural healing process.

*For the best hydration, the LEROSETT® Moisture Matte is more effective. This can be used in conjunction with the Healing Serum, however, for optimal effect.

After I reach my clear point, can I stop using LEROSETT® products?

No. It’s the same answer for most acne products. Your skin sheds dead skin cells which get stuck in your follicles. LEROSETT® works by clearing the dead skin cells that are the cause of clogs and the back up of oil. Once you stop using LEROSETT®, your skin cells can start to clog your follicle again, and your pimples can come back. No drug can prevent your skin from shedding so you may need to be in treatment a long time.

LEROSETT® does not cure acne, it only clears your skin and removes pimples. There is no cure for acne. All products related to acne are treatments, not cures. Many Rx drugs, antibiotics, topical products, supplements, etc., can help clear your skin but if you stop using the products, your pimples may come back within weeks.

After your skin has cleared, you should only need to apply a 10-minute LEROSETT® Clay mask one or two times a week to prevent clogged pores, maintain clear and healthy skin, and keep your pimples at bay. If you do get an occasional pimple use a spot treatment with LEROSETT®. The sooner you get LEROSETT® Clay Treatment on the new pimple, the better. Using the LEROSETT® OTC Acne Face Wash is the perfect cleanser to use every day for clear skin. We suggest not using soap if you have acne. Also, if you have very oily skin, cystic acne or want a very low maintenance treatment, the ClearPoint® supplement is beneficial.

We highly recommend contacting us with any questions or concerns you might have during this process. Remember, the longer you use LEROSETT® products, the healthier, clearer and more beautiful your skin can become!




Is LEROSETT safe to use when pregnant or nursing?

Made in Sweden, LEROSETT® is a proprietary heat treated, all natural, micronized clay and distilled water. LEROSETT® contains no parabens, sulfates, dyes, oils, detergents and has no added chemicals. LEROSETT® Organic Clay mask and spot treatment have been used by over a million acne users and thousands of dermatologists for over 30 years. There has never been any known reaction related to pregnancy.

What not to use when pregnant: If you are pregnant, we highly recommend you do not use any oil-based products on your face since oil in the pores is the reason you have pimples. Oil is often used in organic products because oils need very little to no preservatives, but that doesn’t make oil an excellent skin care ingredient. The fact that LEROSETT® Clay Treatment and other LEROSETT® acne products are oil-free and based on hand planted greenhouse grown aloe are both significant reasons for its success in treating problem skin.

Can cold or hot temperatures damage LEROSETT® products?

LEROSETT® Clay Treatment should never be frozen. If frozen, the ingredients can separate and cannot be used. Excessive heat should not damage the clay, but it can damage the aloe based LEROSETT® products. Gunilla of Sweden® products are organic with the least of preservatives, and the products should be used within the 1st year of purchase and kept at room temperature after you receive them.

The LEROSETT® moisturizer, cleanser, toner and pore minimizer are botanically based and should be kept away from heat. These products do not use chemical preservatives and should be used within a few months after purchase.

Can LEROSETT® be used with other products? What about a sunscreen or moisturizer?

You can use other acne products if you are only using the LEROSETT® Clay Treatment. However, if you are not using the LEROSETT® moisturizer or face wash, you may have less favorable results because they most likely will not be aloe based and may not have the healing ability of LEROSETT® products. If you are using the entire LEROSETT® Acne System, you should not use other acne products.

Never use bar soap to wash your face before applying the clay mask. Bar soap is alkaline and can dry out your skin. Use an oil-free aloe based liquid cleanser like LEROSETT® Face Wash, or OTC Acne Face Wash. It is better not to wash your face before a clay mask than it is to wash with bar soap.

Using a moisturizer after applying LEROSETT® is always recommended and using sunscreen is still a good idea as well. Use a minimum of SPF30, but apply the sunscreen after applying Gunilla of Sweden® products. Before applying sunscreen, use an oil-free botanically based moisturizer like LEROSETT® Moisturizer, Healing Serum or one of our Gunilla™ Moisturizers. These moisturizers can penetrate deep into your skin infusing all the enzymes, vitamins and antioxidants your skin needs to look it’s best. Then you can cover the nutrient layer with a sunscreen.

As a rule, avoid using products that contain oil when you have problem skin, pimples, etc. Many oils are highly comedogenic. They can clog your pores and make your skin worse. Oils that are particularly comedogenic are coconut oil, olive oil, grape seed oil, and wheat germ oil.

Why is there no sunscreen in Gunilla of Sweden® Products? To maintain high organic content we do not include sunscreen ingredients.

What do I do if LEROSETT® is not working?

First, you need to understand that acne, like Eczema, Psoriasis, and Rosacea are chronic and incurable skin diseases. LEROSETT® is a treatment that helps to remove pimples or the side effect of acne, but you must remain in treatment to stay clear. If LEROSETT® products are not as useful as desired, often adding the ClearPoint® supplement is all it takes. Many people need to treat acne both externally and internally before they totally clear and stay that way.

Many forms of prescription medication can make clearing acne difficult but not impossible. In these cases, we recommend the continued use of LEROSETT® products since the alternative treatments simply may make the situation more difficult by introducing more complex drugs with more potential side effects. When you stop using some chemical based acne products, your skin can go through a withdraw. Your skin can become acclimated to the antibacterial effect, and it can take a few weeks of detoxing before your skin goes back to normal.

1. Confirmation: Confirm that you have pimples related to clogged pores or follicles and not Rosacea, sun rash, a staph infection of the follicle, other rashes or a similar skin disorder.

2. Acne drugs: If you just stopped using antibacterial acne drugs, your skin may go through an accelerated bacterial phase. Your skin can get worse for a short period of time. Since you’re no longer using antibacterial drugs, your skin may need time to regulate itself. LEROSETT® can still draw out oil, impurities, etc. but may not be as effective during the initial weaning period.

3. Purging phase: In cases of deep cystic acne oil and clogs that lie under the skin and in the follicle can be drawn out with initial use, causing what may appear to be more problems. LEROSETT® does NOT cause pimples. These impurities must be removed from under the skin and within the follicle for your skin to clear. Stay consistent and don’t give up; your clear point is closer than you may think. If you do give up, you may lose any chance of clearing your skin in a healthy manner.

4. New pimples: If you only spot treat individual pimples and new pimples keep popping up in other places (on your forehead, t-zone, cheeks, etc.) it means you’re not preventing the growth of new pimples by using LEROSETT® as a mask. LEROSETT® prevents problem skin by removing follicular seed clogs and minimizing oil production through mineral adsorption. A follicular clog seed can take up to 3-5 weeks to manifest itself as a pimple. You can prevent seeding by applying a thin layer of LEROSETT® as a mask 1-3 times daily (depending on skin sensitivity.) During this 3-5 week period, the pimples that you usually would have had in 3-5 weeks should not appear or only be a fraction of what it was. Unfortunately, seeding or clogging can quickly occur if you skip daily or bi-daily full mask applications.

Final note: Fighting problem skin, especially long-term difficult problem skin, is a fight! You have to work at it every day and most important of all, you have to be consistent and not give up.

If you are having difficulty, please contact one of our skin care professional either by email, chat or call 866-551-5505.

Is LEROSETT® safe to use for pimples on dry and sensitive skin?

Since LEROSETT® has no added chemicals, is a proprietary, micronized, heat treated natural clay and water. LEROSETT® is safe to use even when pregnant and on all skin types. Just don’t make a thick mask, it should dry in 5 min max for dry skin.

However, LEROSETT® is considered powerful, and in the case of dry and sensitive skin, it is essential to use a moisturizer that is not water based and contains no oils, alcohol or added drying elements. Customers may experience dry skin, but this can be resolved by only applying LEROSETT® to a pimple itself not the skin around a pimple. Don’t forget to add one of the LEROSETT® aloe based moisturizers.

If you do have sensitive skin, LEROSETT® Clay Treatment is unlikely to cause problems since there are no added chemicals. LEROSETT® aloe based products are unlikely to cause problems since the aloe content is high.

Is there an expiration date for LEROSETT®?

Not for the LEROSETT® Clay Treatment. It can stay in an unopened tube for over seven years. Once opened, LEROSETT® can last for years as long as the cap is put back on after use. The LEROSETT® clay will eventually just dry into a harmless powder.

However, the other LEROSETT® items use hydroponically grown nutrient-rich aloe as the first ingredient. The moisturizer, clear skin face wash, acne face wash, toner, pore minimizer and healing serum should be kept away from heat and sunlight. Since these products are based on organic plant matter, they should be used within 6-10 months after opening and kept out of extreme temperatures.

Can I buy each of the items in the LEROSETT® Systems individually?

Yes. LEROSETT® products are most effective when used as a system. However, not everyone uses each item at the same rate. You may run out of Acne Face Wash before you run out of Clay. Therefore, you can order each item individually. You can also use each item separately. Many users are fine with only the LEROSETT® Clay Treatment and the LEROSETT® Moisturizer.

What is the most cost-effective way to buy Gunilla of Sweden® products?

The best way to save is when you subscribe. 

  1. After you find a product you like, you can subscribe and save an additional 15% Off plus free shipping. You can choose and switch your intervals and can also cancel at any time.
  2. Buying a kit or a Power Couple saves you 30%-35% Off the combined retail price. By subscribing to a Power Couple or a Kit you save the original 30%-35% off plus the added 15% off by subscribing, which also includes Free shipping.
  3. If you are a new customer, your first purchase is 25% off and Free shipping. You should see a pop-up for the first time buyer that gives you a promo code for a one time 25% off discount.
  4. Make sure you are subscribed to our emails. The option to add your email is located at the footer of the site. You will then receive our four seasonal sales per year. Our seasonal sales offer a free item with every purchase and a large discount for anything you buy. Please Note: If you subscribe during a sales event, you cannot subscribe to the sale, you will be subscribing at 15% off and free shipping.


Gunilla of Sweden® products are professional grade with the finest in science-based ingredients all within our greenhouse grown botanical base. Since we do not sell at large department stores or large skincare retailers we do not have a massive retail markup. Our prices are already half that of competing brands with lesser quality ingredients.

Can Gunilla™ of Sweden clear my dark spots?

Gunilla of Sweden® products may clear up dark spots and help fade discoloration on all skin types. The key to drug and bleach free safe lightening of dark spots, also known as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, is to exfoliate away the skin’s dead top cellular layers. Gunilla™ Brighten and Renew 10% Alpha Hydroxy Treatment, LEROSETT® Organic Acne Face Wash (medicated) and the LEROSETT® 100% Organic Clay Treatment are all products that can effectively exfoliate, allowing for new cell growth. The Gunilla™ Brighten and Renew 10% Alpha Hydroxy Treatment is a good start; try to catch the dark spots as early as possible.

Is it safe to buy Gunilla of Sweden® products from Ebay?

Gunilla of Sweden® has authorized dealers that sell our products. However, they must be licensed skin care professionals. These spas can sell on their websites, stores and on Amazon. No authorized dealer is allowed to sell on eBay. If you buy from eBay, you are purchasing a product from an individual and can be counterfeit, opened and most likely expired. Be wary if prices are far below retail price because they most likely are expired or heat and cold damaged. Gunilla of Sweden® products are based on hydro-organic aloe and feel thick and luxurious. If they feel watery, they are most likely a copy or have been damaged by heat and cold.