Our Acclaimed LEROSETT® Spot Treatment & Clay Mask

Ounce for ounce LEROSETT® is the most powerful clay mask and facial you can buy; a 3oz tube makes 30 masks or hundreds of spot treatments. Use LEROSETT® to clear pimples, tighten pores, and detoxify. Also, improve skin clarity, balance, and texture, minimize inflammation, redness, reduce scarring, ingrown hairs, and more.
Containing natural zinc that helps reduce oil production and increase proteins that help heal damaged skin and reduce infection. LEROSETT® dries in minutes, absorbing impurities, oils while preventing future breakouts.

Why dermatologists and acne experts are recommending LEROSETT® for their acne patients. For more about the science of the LEROSETT® Clay Treatment click here.

Made in Sweden Since 1987
100% organic with no added chemicals. [Ler-o-sett]