Conquer Maskne with Gunilla of Sweden®

COVID safety masks are protecting not only you but everyone you love. Masks lower the risk of contaminant transmission by filtering air particles and keeping a barrier of protection when distancing isn’t feasible. Mask associated skin breakouts (aka: maskne) are increasingly common for those of us wearing masks for multiple hours a day. But don’t stop wearing your mask! Maskne is not only treatable but preventable with the right knowledge and skincare!

Conquer Maskne with Gunilla of Sweden

Conquer Maskne with Gunilla of Sweden

What is Maskne?

Breakouts that appear underneath your safety mask result from the friction of the fabric against your skin and constant moisture trapped from your breathing. Using 100% cotton or antimicrobial fabrics that are washed frequently is a great way to maintain a protective barrier of particle filtration while still allowing the skin to breathe. But sometimes your complexion can’t stand up to lurking bacteria with good hygiene alone. Unfortunately, stress, diet, and makeup can all contribute to causing or worsening maskne. Adjusting your skincare routine for long-term safety mask usage can not only treat maskne but can clear and prevent it as well!


[Based on the NPIAP (National Pressure Injury Advisory Panel) Recommendations for Protecting Your Skin During Frequent Mask Usage]



Daily cleansing with a pH balancing face wash will keep your skin clean and prevent bacteria from growing under your safety mask

• Using our aloe-based face washes (for all skin types) will not only balance the pH levels and keep your skin clean but nourishes it with botanicals and nutrients necessary for your natural repair cycle to work effectively, as well

• Our aloe-based toners are also a perfect way to cleanse the skin on the go for maintaining continual skin hygiene throughout your day


Moisturize before, during, and after wearing a safety mask

• Our LEROSETT® Moisture Matte Clear Skin Moisturizer is lightweight, oil-free, non-comedogenic (won’t cause breakouts), and aloe-based which helps calm redness and inflammation while keeping the skin properly hydrated to maintain and boost its natural repair cycle


When it is safe & practical, let your skin breathe by removing your mask for short relieving breaks during prolonged use (ideally 15 minutes of the mask off per 2 hours of the mask on) to prevent bacteria growth

• These safety mask breaks are the perfect time to apply a LEROSETT® Clay mask or cleanse with a toner

An exfoliation routine is essential for keeping pores clear, but chemical peels and common facial masks can aggravate the skin and worsen maskne

• LEROSETT® Clay is organic and natural, made with only water and proprietarily heat-treated and micronized clay, which means the particles can penetrate deeper into pores and are ionically charged to pull out debris, dirt, bacteria, oil, and toxins like a magnet while imparting minerals like zinc to fortify your skin’s natural repair cycle

• LEROSETT® Clay should be applied in a thin layer, which makes it an easy treatment you can wear underneath your safety mask throughout the day to not only help keep pores clear of bacterial growth but also ideal to reduce the friction and pressure from safety mask fabric on your skin

• Always follow a clay mask treatment with a moisturizer (oil-free is best) to ensure your pores are replenished with proper hydration to maintain and boost your skin’s natural repair cycle


DO NOT USE petroleum products or mineral oils, especially underneath your safety mask, unless you want to trap dirt, oils, debris, and toxins against your skin

• Regularly cleansing the skin with our gentle cleansers and toners not only clears bacteria from the skin, but our aloe-based formulas also penetrate the dermis layer to deliver nourishing botanicals and nutrients to feed the skin what it needs and nothing that it doesn’t — for the best overall skin health

• Consistently using LEROSETT® Clay not only helps cleanse the bacteria causing maskne breakouts but also refines and clears pores to prevent any recurring build-up of toxins, debris, and oils that feed bacteria

• Gunilla of Sweden® has formulated all of our products with botanical actives for their efficacy and nutrient-rich potency to nourish the skin to optimal health without additives, fillers, harsh chemicals, or irritating effects