Our Super Aloe Vera

Over thirty years ago, we began using aloe as the medium to better infuse our science-based active ingredients into the skin. We learned that skin accepted active botanical ingredients better when they were in a base of no less than 50% organic aloe vera rather than in a base of plain water. Water is the most common ingredient in skin care, not because water brings anything to the skin, but because water is the most inexpensive ingredient.
Look at the first ingredient in all of your skin care products, you will see it’s almost always water and the first ingredient is usually well over 50% of the content of any skincare product by industry standards.
We later came upon greenhouse-grown 100% organic aloe, where more nutrients could be infused during the growing cycle. These plants are also grown without the need for pesticides or herbicides, and the water is recycled. These aloe plants are hand-planted and hand-picked in large temperature controlled greenhouses.

Greenhouse Grown

Climate control and the absence of soil means that our aloe vera is ethically and sustainably grown in one location regardless of temperamental weather or varying environmental conditions.

This method also yields greater amounts of crops, more consistent quality, and a more steady supply–independent of typical agricultural variables.

Pictured on the right, you can see our 100% organic aloe vera thriving in our greenhouse facility.

Grown to Be More Effective
Without Additives

Hydroponically Nutrient Enriched

Greenhouse hydroponics delivers additional nutrients and allows enhanced growth for an aloe vera plant that is more potent and more effective than typical aloe vera.

Our aloe vera is therefore very rare and very effective. Naturally antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and therapeutic, our hand-planted, hydroponically nutrient enriched, greenhouse-grown, 100% organic super aloe vera plants are custom grown and hand-picked to ensure the base of our botanical products deliver the necessary skin nourishment to you without additives, harsh chemicals, or fillers.

Pictured on the left, you can see the nutrient enhancement system used for our 100% organic aloe vera, the base ingredient in our Clear Skin Matte Moisturizer: the best accompaniment to our clay is this rich organic aloe based oil-free hydrator.

Our Unique Proprietary Organic Clay

Our proprietary micronized, filtered, and heat treated ionic rasul clay and distilled water are the only two ingredients in our Spot Treatment & Clearing Mask.
Because this 100% organic clay has been masterfully developed in Sweden (with our founder Gunilla–licensed esthetician over 30 years), it is finer and more potent than other clays and therefore naturally effective to help clear deep seeded clogs of the pimple-causing impurities from the pore without harsh chemicals or unnecessary additives and drugs.

LEROSETT® Clay has a high content of natural minerals like zinc, making it an ideal natural treatment for problem skin. LEROSETT® fights the two leading causes of a pimple at the same time: the clog that backs up oil in the pore and the amount of oil within the pore. Reducing the clogs and oil production, LEROSETT® helps clear pimples, prevents future blemishes, and minimizes the redness and swelling associated with pimples while helping to avoid scars. For over thirty years, LEROSETT® has improved the skin conditions for millions of users and has been the choice for thousands of dermatologists and skin care professionals.

Particle Size Matters

Clay particles are very small in comparison to impurities like sand. The finer the clay particles and the less sand in the clay the greater the surface area and the greater the ionic (static charge) absorption rate. LEROSETT® Clay requires only a 0.10 oz per facial mask and a 3.0 oz tube yields 30 full facial masks. Because LEROSETT® Clay is pure (micro-fine) clay particles, with no sand or impurities, the clay can get deeper into the skin and the pore.

This image to the left shows our mighty clay at the molecular level alongside the sand and debris we filter out, effectively illustrating one of the many ways our Spot Treatment & Clearing Mask is different

Why Our Clay Is Different

When activated by water, LEROSETT® acts as a (- charged) static-magnet to pull (+ charged) pimple-causing impurities (such as oil dead skin cells, and toxins) onto the clay particle and out of your skin. LEROSETT® Clay can absorb more of the impurities in your skin because there are zero impurities in the clay itself. Aloe, botanicals, or other chemicals (if included in our clay) would have coated the clay particles before the clay has a chance to bond and remove the impurities from your skin. This is the reason why you can feel the clay working even when using a thin layer.

A 3oz tube of LEROSETT® Clay contains 30 full facial masks and the proprietary clay used has the highest ionic charge of all clay types. LEROSETT® has among the highest mineral content of all clays. For example, the high concentrations of zinc in our clay can boost proteins that protect against infection and minimize the oil production that caused a pimple in the first place. LEROSETT® has also been shown to help multiple other skin conditions.

LEROSETT® is a thin clay with up to 20 times the absorption ability of common clays. LEROSETT® is meant to be rubbed into the skin, not layered on the skin. A thin, almost translucent layer is all that’s needed.

These images to the right show how LEROSETT® absorbs impurities and adds critical minerals like zinc–topically.