GUNILLA® Nutrient-Infused Moisturizers & Serums

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Decadent botanical moisturizers and serums developed with the greatest number of innovative and cherished ingredients captured at their peak of maximum potency. Our most acclaimed Deep Skin Moisturizer + Ceramides, Cell Rejuvenator, and the Eye-de-puff™ eye cream contain over 70% Active Botanical Content™ with up to 24 active herbal extracts to super soften, renew, and hydrate the skin. Each one used at hundreds of top facial spas for decades.

Deep skin-softening hydration does not come from oils, but our nutrient-infused 100% organic aloe, grown in temperature-controlled greenhouses. Hand planted with no need for pesticides or herbicides. Nutrient-infused organic aloe is a more effective medium than water or oil to deliver active ingredients like ceramides, collagen, elastin, alpha-lipoic-acids, and vitamins into the skin.