Botanically Based Professional Acne Cleansing

Medicated and Non-Medicated

The synergistic blend of Lerosett acne cleanser and the oil absorbing and nourishing Lerosett clay treatment prove to be powerful at acne lesion prevention and healing. The Lerosett moisture matte gives just enough hydration without adding a greasy feel. My acne clients have benefitted greatly from the addition of Lerosett acne products to both my skincare center locations”

Owner & Esthetician 24-year esthetic veteran – Ronda Castillo – SpaBlue, Center, Spokane, WA.

When it comes to cleansing and toning, LEROSETT® Acne Cleansers and Face Washes are in a class of their own; they’re plant-based and oil-free. With our unique greenhouse-grown 100% organic aloe as the main ingredient there is less drying, increased healing with nutrients that minimize inflammation, and irritation. Highly Concentrated-Average estimated 120 face wash treatment.