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Spot Treatment & Clay Mask | 3 Pack


A clay mask unlike any other, this multifunctional organic formula can be used to deep cleanse, spot treat, or as a facial mask to detoxify, remove clogs, minimize pores, reduce oil production, refine complexion, relieve congested skin, quickly clear pimples & blackheads, and so much more.
• #1 product & cult favorite for 34 years
• High levels of zinc & minerals help heal
• 100% organic, no drugs or synthetic additives
• Mask is applied so thin you can sleep while using it

Organic Spot Treatment & Clearing Mask | 3-Pack

Organic Spot Treatment & Clearing Mask | 3-Pack

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LEROSETT® Spot Treatment & Clearing Mask is a 100% organic mineral-rich facial clay mask trusted by thousands of dermatologists and top spas to treat multiple skin problems for over 30 years.  

Pro-Size Jar: Same largemouth, easy access jar used by estheticians during facials since 1987. Each 10 oz jar has 100 full facial clay masks.

Added Benefits: Our proprietary clay treatment helps clears pimples, acne, oily, congested skin, blackheads, clogged pores, ingrown hairs, reduces oil production, detoxifies, refines skin clarity & much more.

No Additives. Vegan. Pro-Grade. Oil-Free. Clinically-Proven. Made in Sweden.

For Details See "How LEROSETT® Works" Tab



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  • Works for all skin types, men and women of all ages.
    No Chemical Additives. Hypoallergenic. Dermatologist-Recommended.
  • Stop a Pimple Fast! Loaded with anti-inflammatory, acne bacteria-killing zinc, LEROSETT® Clay quickly draws oil from pores stopping a pimple from growing further.
    As soon as you notice a new pimple spot treat it often & overnight.
  • Sleep in a Clay Mask!
    LEROSETT® is so thin you can sleep in a mask for healthier skin without making a mess.
  • Goodbye maskne!
    Ultra thin layer of LEROSETT® worn underneath your COVID mask significantly helps prevent breakouts.
  • See What 25 Acne Specialists Say About "The Miracle Mask"
Why LEROSETT® Clay Works

Why LEROSETT® Clay Works

Step 1

LEROSETT® User Review Videos.

Unsolicited video reviews posted by LEROSETT® users on YouTube. These videos show the previous 2.5 oz metal tube design. The new design is a larger 3 oz LEROSETT® plastic tube.

Why LEROSETT® is The Perfect Skin Care Product  

It’s 100% Organic, with 34 Years of Success; it’s Clinically-Proven & Works for All Skin Types.

LEROSETT® is NOT a Regular Facial Clay Mask. It is rubbed into the skin, not layered on top, like regular clay. It absorbs up to 15x more impurities than common clays like kaolin, Aztec, or Indian healing clay and 30x that of wet multi-ingredient clay. Compare: 3oz of LEROSETT® clay makes 30 masks; it takes 32oz of self-mixing dry clay to make 30 masks. LEROSETT® costs less per mask than self-mixing dry clays, no mix, no fuss; it’s portable and dries 5x faster.

How LEROSETT® Works. It is proprietarily heat-treated (for more absorption) and micronized (for smaller particles). Only clay particles are ionic (like a static charge or magnetic) and can attach to the oil & impurities in your skin; sand and micro debris stop the ionic attraction. LEROSETT® filters out over 95% of sand & debris, leaving pure clay particles; that’s why LEROSETT® absorbs more oil & impurities with such a small amount of clay. U.S. Patent/Trade Mark #1,504,494

The Result? Smoother, clearer & healthier skin. LEROSETT® infuses minerals like zinc to cut oil (sebum) production, absorbs impurities, deep pore cleansing, and naturally exfoliates. Spot treat a pimple or mask overnight, reduce acne, breakouts, blackheads, ingrown hairs, oily, congested, problem skin & much more.


Lerosett Clay Treatment
How To Use

How To Use

Step 1

Facial Mask Method: Apply LEROSETT® 100% Organic Spot Treatment and Clearing Mask in a very light, translucent layer.  Gently rub the clay into the skin. Allow the mask to penetrate for 10-15 minutes then remove with tepid water.

Many users will sleep with a thin mask on their problem areas overnight since the mask is only 1 mm thick. Rub the clay into the problem area or entire face. Patch test on a small area overnight first, confirming your skin is not too sensitive for overnight masking.,Spot Treatment: Do not rub the clay in for spot treatment.  Apply over a pimple, a bit thick is OK, about 15-20 minutes to dry.  To stop a pimple from forming, spot treat as soon as you notice a new pimple.  For spot treating, apply several times per day, and overnight. Overnight spot treating can be very effective. The bigger the pimple, the more clay, and the more often you spot treat, let it dry, overnight is best.

Thickening LEROSETT®Many use LEROSETT® clay only as a spot treatment and prefer it to be thicker. The clay will dry and thicken by removing the cap for a few days, check the clay thickness daily. If you thicken LEROSETT® clay, it will become very concentrate and will be too strong as a mask for most people.,After every mask, apply an oil-free, aloe-based moisturizer like the LEROSETT® Moisture Matte or Healing Serum.

Please Note: After 30 years, we have gotten LEROSETT® to the perfect thickness for most users. They can mask and spot treat with the clay as is. If you like your clay thicker, we formulated LEROSETT® Clay to thicken in 2-3 days, naturally — leave the cap off!



Botanical Ingredients

LEROSETT® Clay Treatment Proprietary Formula

100% organic rasul clay & water (Proprietarily heat-treated for up to 15x stronger absorption)

Micronized for super-fine particles (deeper pore penetration) Only 1 mm thick facial mask

Ultra-high ionic charge (Static charge adheres clay to skin impurities like a magnet)

High levels of zinc & other minerals (Helps heal and reduce oil production)

No added chemicals or other ingredients (Clay particles attach to skin impurities )

Up to 90% less sand and impurities than common clays (3 oz tube = 30 Facial masks)

User Reviews
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INGREDIENTS: Proprietarily Heat Treated, 100% Organic, and Micronized Rasul Clay and Distilled water. Contains no dyes, synthetic or chemical additives.


Why LEROSETT® is so effective:

LEROSETT® Clay particles are highly ionic rasul clay particles (absorbs by a static charge). When activated by water, LEROSETT® acts as a (- charged) static-magnet to pull (+ charged) pimple-causing impurities (such as oil, dead skin cells, and toxins) onto the clay particle and out of your skin. LEROSETT® Clay can absorb more of the impurities in your skin because there are zero impurities in the Clay itself. Aloe, botanicals, or other chemicals (if included in our Clay) would have coated the clay particles before the Clay has a chance to bond and remove the impurities from your skin. This is the reason why you can feel the Clay working even when using a thin layer.


How is LEROSETT® Different compared to dry clays and other wet clays? 

A 3oz tube of LEROSETT® Clay contains 30 full face masks, and the proprietary heat-treated Clay has the highest ionic charge (static charge) of all clay types. LEROSETT® has among the highest mineral content of all clays. For example, the high concentrations of zinc in our Clay can boost proteins that protect against infection and minimize the oil production that caused a pimple in the first place. This is why LEROSETT® can usually remove a pimple overnight. LEROSETT® has also been shown to help bug bites, rashes, ingrown hairs, sunburns, razor burn, remove the pain of waxing, pre and post, and much more.

Why LEROSETT® Is Better Than Self-Mixing Bentonite, Kaolin, or Other Dry Clay Powders: Only clay particles can absorb oil and impurities; crushed sand does nothing. Unfiltered, dry clays contain lots of crushed sand. Indian style bentonite clay requires 1-lbs of dry clay for 12-14 masks; add water, it becomes 3-lbs and a 1/4 inch thick mask, plus you must mix it every time. Just 1-lbs of LEROSETT® Clay would make 159 clay masks. Our largest 8oz or ½ pound tube of pure LEROSETT® Clay Particles & distilled water makes 80 masks or 500 pimple spot treatments.  

Wet Clays:  Common wet clay products are crowded by other ingredients like oils, sand, botanicals, debris, or other additives, and those added ingredients weaken the ionic attraction. In this case, the clay particles are already coated by the impurities in the product itself. That is why LEROSETT® Clay does not contain our unique aloe, other botanicals, or added chemicals. LEROSETT® clay particles can absorb more oils and impurities in your skin because there are no added impurities in the Clay itself. Because LEROSETT® has such a strong absorption ability, only a very thin 1 millimeter is needed. Because LEROSETT® is rubbed into the skin, once dry, you should be able to sleep with a full mask. In the morning, the mask will be dark brown from all the oil it has absorbed.

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