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For the first 20 years, our products were available to professional clinics and medical spas exclusively. Our founder Gunilla and her team spent that time working directly with those fellow skin care professionals to develop the very line of products we now offer to everyone. That means every product from GUNILLA® or LEROSETT® not only contains our preciously sourced botanical ingredients; they are expertly formulated at professional grade and quality to bring out the most potential from your skin for outstanding results.

By concentrating on 23 perfect products to meet almost every need instead of 80+ average products for every concern. We create easier to use products with ultimate control over every aspect of effectiveness, consistency, and botanical quality. Still today, our goal is to provide you professional grade essentials of skincare:

everything your skin needs and nothing it doesn’t.

long-term Healthy clear skin

LEROSETT® for Acne

Professional Grade Botanically Based Acne Products

Why LEROSETT®? LEROSETT® is a time tested professional acne brand comprised of acne kits, treatments, and duos based on our hand-planted healing botanicals, never water. When an acne brand stands out for decades on its own merits, dermatologists and acne experts take notice. Licensed acne professionals don’t give personal product testimonial unless they have seen acne cleared time after time for years, as they have with LEROSETT®.

Our site has decades of research and details about our unique ingredients and more. Perhaps the best way to show that LEROSETT® is the right choice for you is to read a few of the many dozens of testimonials from acne experts explaining why LEROSETT® is their favorite acne brand. Plus, before, during and after photos with testimonials from many dozens of LEROSETT® users with mild to severe acne.


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Spot Treatment & Clearing Mask | 3oz
Our acclaimed 100% organic clay treatment | Larger 3oz size

30% off combined retail

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Power Clear + Matte Moisturizer
Our best-selling duo for clear skin
$59.95 $39.83

30% off combined retail

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Botanical Acne Kit
Treat acne breakouts, spot treat, deep cleanse and moisturize
$86.95 $58.69
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Acne Cleanser
Unique aloe based acne cleanser helps heal, treat, soothe, moisturize and minimize acne breakouts -Medicated. SALE 25% OFF!
6.7 fl oz
$26.95 $19.95
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ClearPoint® Supplement
ClearPoint® Clear Skin Supplements-Easy Swallow Capsules
10 fl oz
$29.95 $26.95
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Moisture Matte Clear Skin Moisturizer | Face & Body
8 oz size of our oil-free, nutrient-rich, moisturizer with a matte finish
Great for the face, hands, and body! SALE 25% OFF!
$39.95 $29.95
Results and Reviews from LEROSETT® Users

Charly Y.

"Lerosett products are completely organic and have a lot less ingredients. This made me feel more comfortable using them because my skin is so sensitive. I feel confident not wearing as much makeup and feel healthier. I have already recommended these products to fellow acne sufferers."

Eliza B.

"I love that Lerosett is organic and no harsh products on my face! The LEROSETT® line of products worked to clear my skin from deep within my pores. I’m no longer experiencing painful cysts. I have a routine that I can count on to clear up my skin. I would recommend Lerosett products to people who suffer acne! Team Gunilla provides you with a supportive team of estheticians who work with you to figure out a regimen that works best for you."

Emily W.

"I had gotten used to living with acne, everything I used did nothing and the dermatologist only had antibiotics. I found Lerosett and they helped me with a clinical trial. I used the acne kit and a lot of clay masks. I could not believe my skin was clearing and looking better. I couldn’t understand either, what Lerosett? It has to be that its healing plant-based products and organic clay that cleared my skin."

Kate K.

"I suffered with acne for three years. It started out with small outbreaks, then became cystic acne. Gunilla of Sweden products worked well and did not harm my skin like other products I have tried. The products have been great, and the support we received has been amazing. Gunilla of Sweden products have made a positive influence on my life because they gave me clearer and fresh feeling skin. I can go in public without makeup! I would recommend these products to others who suffer from acne!"

Dielma G

"Like everyone else, I tried everything on TV until I learned they were all the same. I didn't know that you needed to change how much product you use as your skin clears, regardless of what product and no one told me that. That's why I love LEROSETT® because you can adjust how much you use, like a lot more during the clearing stage and a few times a week once your clear. You don't have to use the same product every day to stay clear as you did to get clear and that makes a lot of sense to me. I will use nothing else."

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The Swedish Tradition of Natural Beauty

Swedish beauty is based on simplicity and the care of mind, body, and skin. Gunilla of Sweden® has a 30-year history of formulating effective plant-based skincare. Developed in Sweden for licensed professionals and physicians, our award-winning skincare centers on our unique greenhouse-grown nutrient-rich botanicals. Combining modern science, active botanical content and the Swedish tradition of natural beauty.

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Pioneering Botanically Based Acne Products

Blazing the trail against acne, blemishes and problem skin with our award winning 100% organic clay treatment and botanically based nutrient-rich acne products without the harsh chemicals or common side effects. LEROSETT® products offer nutrient-rich botanical acne systems, power couples, and individual products designed to nourish, clear and help heal damaged skin.

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“It’s not only acne drugs and products that fail to clear your skin — it’s the total lack of nutrients needed for skin to actually heal and clear pimples. Only LEROSETT® has the level of nutrients your skin needs to heal and stay clear long-term — without damaging your skin.” – -Dr. Adriana Rascanu




Gunilla of Sweden® was founded out of a sincere desire to make a real difference in the lives of others. We do this, not only by increasing the confidence of our customers with our professional skincare, but also by partnering with our local schools through the Blue Valley Access Program.
For over ten years, we have worked with young adults ages 18 to 21 with cerebral palsy, MS and other related disabilities by helping them to integrate into real-world work environments. We provide projects which enable them to strengthen their talents and work together developing team building skills. When you receive any of our product systems, you can feel great that you are contributing to the self-esteem and confidence of these young people entering the workforce.